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UNICEF: Consolidated donor report 2007 Mozambique
The United Nations ChildrenÂ?s Fund (UNICEF), Feb 2008

Is poverty decreasing in Mozambique?
Joe Hanlon, Open University, 18 Jan 2008

Aid effectiveness: The case of Mozambique
Abdul Ilal, Trocaire/CAFOD/Eurodad, Jan 2008

Beating the odds: Sustaining inclusion in Mozambique's growing economy
Louise Fox et al., World Bank, Jan 2008

Perceptions of environmental risks in Mozambique: Implications for the success of adaptation and coping strategies
Anthony G. Patt and Dagmar Schröter, The World Bank, Nov 2007

Commitment to democracy in Mozambique: Performance evaluations and cognition
Carlos Shenga, Centre for Social Science Research (CSSR), University of Cape Town, Oct 2007

The Civil Society Organisation'?s role in Global Budget Support in Mozambique
Viriato Tamele, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), 27 Sep 2007

Putting aid on budget: A case study of Mozambique
Alex Warren-Rodriguez, Mokoro Ltd, 24 Sep 2007

Growth, poverty and inequality in Mozambique
Pekka Virtanen and Dag Ehrenpreis, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), International Poverty Centre (IPC), Sep 2007

Informal Cross Border Food Trade in Southern Africa
FEWS NET/ World Food Programme (WFP) Cross Border Food Trade Monitoring System Technical Committee, Sep 2007

Mozambique: A case study in the role of the affected state in humanitarian action
Conor Foley, Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG), Sep 2007

Report of Regional Workshop on "Strengthening responses to the Triple Threat in Southern Africa - learning from field programmes in Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia"
Joint Project of Concern Worldwide (CW), Oxfam International (OI) and The Southern African Regional Poverty Network (SARPN), Aug 2007

Concept Note: SARPN sub-regional round table on "Democracy, Poverty and Development: perspectives and lessons from SADC island states"
Southern African Regional Poverty Network (SARPN), 19 Jul 2007

Regional workshop on "Strengthening responses to the Triple Threat in Southern Africa - learning from field programmes"
Southern African Regional Poverty Network (SARPN), 2 Jul 2007

Assessing how tourism revenues reach the poor
Caroline Ashley and Jonathan Mitchell, Overseas Development Institute (ODI), Jun 2007

Pioneers, Partners, Providers: The Dynamics of Civil Society and AIDS Funding in Southern Africa
Karen Birdsall and Kevin Kelly, Centre for AIDS Development Research and Evaluation (CADRE), Jun 2007

Exploring natural resources in Mozambique: Will it be a blessing or a curse?
Aurelio Bucuane and Peter Mulder, Direcção Nacional de Estudos e Análise de Políticas, Ministério da Planificação e Desenvolvimento, República de Moçambique , Jun 2007

Poverty observatory in Mozambique: Final report
António Alberto da Silva Francisco, Konrad Matter, Gerster Consulting, May 2007

A review of nutrition and food security approaches in HIV and AIDS programmes in Eastern and Southern Africa
Dora Panagides, Rick Graciano, Peter Atekyereza, Lilia Gerberg and Mickey Chopra, Helen Keller International / Makerere University / Congressional Hunger Center / Medical Research Council of South Africa, May 2007

Early lessons from implementation of climate change adaptation projects in South-eastern Africa
International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and SouthSouthNorth (SSN), 24 Apr 2007

Lessons from seven countries: Reflections on the millennium challenge account
Sarah Lucas, Center for Global Development, Apr 2007

UN Agencies in Mozambique seek US$17.7 million for 435,000 flood and cyclone affected people
Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), 13 Mar 2007

Flooding: Mozambique better prepared this time
Bayano Valy, Southern African Research and Documentation Centre (SARDC), Mar 2007

Maputo corridor: A transport logistics diagnostic tool study
Nathan Associates Inc., Mar 2007

Comunicado do Seminário da Campanha GCAP-CPLP (Global Call to Action Against Poverty)
Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP), 27 Feb 2007

Situation Report 4 - Mozambique floods: 14 February 2007
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), 14 Feb 2007

Comércio e pobreza
Viriato Teotonio Tamele, Coligação para a Justiça Económica / Coalition for Economic Justice, 2007

Childhood poverty in Mozambique: A situation and trends analysis
UNICEF, 2007

A critical assessment of aid management and donor harmonisation: The case of Mozambique
African Forum and Network on Debt and Development (AFRODAD), 2007

Plano Económico e Social para 2007, Mozambique
Government of Mozambique, 2007

Social relations of urban poverty in Maputo, Mozambique
Margarida Paulo, Carmeliza Rosário, Inge Tvedten, Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI), 2007

Relações Sociais da Pobreza Urbana em Maputo, Moçambique
Margarida Paulo, Carmeliza Rosário, Inge Tvedten, Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI), 2007

The extent and effects of casualisation in Southern Africa: Analysis of Lesotho, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe
Oupa Bodibe (editor), National Labour and Economic Development Institute (NALEDI), Nov 2006

Unjust Waters: Climate change, flooding and the protection of poor urban communities - experiences from six African cities
ActionAid International, Nov 2006

Moçambique O Sector da Justiça e o Estado de Direito
By AfriMAP and OSISA, Open Society Foundation, 29 Sep 2006

Agricultural intensification in Mozambique: Infrastructure, policy and institutional framework
Peter E. Coughlin, EconPolicy Research Group, Sep 2006

Interlinked transactions in cash cropping economies: The determinants of farmer participation and performance in the Zambezi River Valley of Mozambique
Rui M.S. Benfica, Department of Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University, Sep 2006

Poverty effects of expansion and policies in cotton economies in rural Mozambique: An economy-wide approach
Rui Benfica, Channing Arndt, David Tschirley and Duncan Boughton, Sep 2006

Priority setting for Public-Sector Agricultural Research in Mozambique with the National Agricultural Survey Data
T. Walker, R. Pitoro, A. Tomo, I. Sitoe, C. Salência, R. Mahanzule, C. Donovan, and F. Mazuze, National Institute for Agricultural Research of Mozambique (IIAM), Aug 2006

Estabelecimento de Prioridades para a Investigação Agrária no Sector Público em Moçambique Baseado nos Dados do Trabalho de Inquérito Agrícola (TIA)
T. Walker, R. Pitoro, A. Tomo, I. Sitoe, C. Salência, R. Mahanzule, C. Donovan e F. Mazuze, Instituto de Investigação Agrária de Moçambique (IIAM), Aug 2006

Impact of AIDS on mothers and children in Mozambique: Press release 20 July 2006
Save the Children UK - Mozambique, 20 Jul 2006

Mozambique: Fourth review under the three-year arrangement under the poverty reduction and growth facility, financing assurances review, and request for modification of performance criteria
International Monetary Fund (IMF), Jul 2006

Mozambique Food Security Update: July 2006
Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET), Jul 2006

Strengthening responses to the Triple Threat in the Southern Africa region - learning from field programmes in Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia
Joint Project of Concern Worldwide (CW), Oxfam International (OI) and the Southern Africa Regional Poverty Network (SARPN), Jun 2006

Plano de Acção para a Redução da Pobreza Absoluta 2006-2009 (PARPA II)
Ministry of Planning and Development of Mozambique, 2 May 2006

Government and donors conclude joint review
Government of Mozambique (GoM) and the Programme Aid Partners (PAPs), 13 Apr 2006

Directory of development organisations

Mozambique Food Security Update - January 2006
FEWSNET, Jan 2006

Economic growth as an instrument for poverty reduction in Mozambique: Framework for a growth strategy
Bruce R. Bolnick, 2006

Growth, employment and poverty in Mozambique
Tilman Brück and Katleen van den Broeck, Jan 2006

Seasonality in calorie consumption: Evidence from Mozambique
Channing Arndt, Mikkel Barslund, and José Sulemane, 2006

Experiences with the development and use of poverty maps: Case study note for Mozambique
Contributor: Ken Simler, 2006

Mozambique, cities without slums, analysis of the situation & proposal of intervention strategies / Moçambique, melhoramento dos assentamentos informais, análise da situação & proposta de estratégias de intervenção
Republic of Mozambique, Ministry for Coordination of Environmental Affairs, National Directorate of Territorial Planning, 2006

Mozambique Food Security Update - December 2005
Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWSNET), Dec 2005

Actualidade, Edição N'º 10
Secretariado Executivo do G20, G20, 22 Nov 2005

Mozambique food security update
Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWSNET), Nov 2005

Modelling PRSP II & poverty reduction in Mozambique local development: Econometric analysis of factors determining Millennium Development Goals by 2015
Israel Jacob Massuanganhe, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Nov 2005

G20: Actualidade
Editor: Secretariado Executivo do G20, G20, Sep 2005

Republic of Mozambique: 2005 article IV consultation, second review under the three-year arrangement under the poverty reduction and growth facility, request for waiver of performance criteria, and modification of performance criteria
International Monetary Fund (IMF), Sep 2005

Poverty in Mozambique: Discourse, analysis and monitoring
Jan Isaksen (team leader), Annette Staaland and Bernhard Weimer, Chr. Michelsen Institute, Sep 2005

Forestry in Zambezia: Chinese takeaway
ORAM, Mozambique, 19 Jun 2005

Fast update: Mozambique semi-annual risk assessment
Country expert: Elisio Macamo, FAST International - Swisspeace, Jun 2005

Human rights, formalisation and women's land rights in southern and eastern Africa
Ingunn Ikdahl, Anne Hellum, Randi Kaarhus, Tor A. Benjaminsen, Patricia Kameri-Mbote, Institute of Women's Law, University of Oslo, Jun 2005

Agricultura familiar em Moçambique estratégias de desenvolvimento sustentável
Tomás A. Sitoe, ORAM, Jun 2005

FAST Update: Mozambique semi-annual risk assessment
Country expert: Elisio Macamo, FAST International - Swisspeace, Jun 2005

Joint review - 2005: aide memoire and Annexure 3.
Mozambique Government/G16, 18 May 2005

Republic of Mozambique: first review under the three year arrangement under the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility
Government of Mozambique, May 2005

World Bank and capacity building in Africa: Malawi, Mozambique case studies
World Bank, Apr 2005

Learning lessons from disaster recovery: The case of Mozambique
Peter Wiles, Kerry Selvester, Lourdes Fidalgo, The World Bank, Apr 2005

Strategies for Mozambique's textile and apparel sector
Peter Minor, Nathan Associates, Mar 2005

Rural development in a global context: The case of Nante in Mozambique
ORAM - Rural Association for Mutual Assistance, Feb 2005

Development of co-operatives for agriculture and agro-industrial commercialisation in the central region of Mozambique
Verde Azul Consult LDA, For - ORAM - Associação Rural de Ajuda Mútua and NOVIB, Feb 2005

Mozambique Assessment: The impact of HIV/AIDS on household economy
Celia Petty, Kerry Selvester, John Seaman and James Acidri, Save the Children, 2005

Observatoria da Pobreza Para Quem?/ Poverty Observatory for whom?
Viriato Teotonio e Tamele, 2005

Press and Democratic Transition in Mozambique (1990 - 2000)
Claudio Jone, 2005

Annual Poverty Report, 2005/Relatório Anual da Pobreza, 2005
G20, 2005

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Mozambique Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network
Commitment to democracy in Mozambique: Performance evaluations and cognition
UNICEF: Consolidated donor report 2007 Mozambique
Relações Sociais da Pobreza Urbana em Maputo, Moçambique
Social relations of urban poverty in Maputo, Mozambique

SARPN Workshop - Land Markets and Poverty in Moçambique
Para que o Parpa resulte! (reflexão epistemológica sobre um processo candente)
Land reform and poverty alleviation in Mozambique

IMF acknowledges Mozambique’s strong economic performance, urges greater transparency, caution with expansionary budget
17 March 2014, 12:00 pm

Washington: A staff team from the International Monetary Fund, led by Doris Ross, visited Mozambique during February 26- March 13, 2014 to hold discussions towards the completion of the second review under the three-year Policy Support Instrument (PSI) approved in June 2013 (see Public Information Notice (PIN) 13/75). The team met with Prime Minister Vaquina, Finance Minister Chang, Planning and Development Minister Cuereneia, Bank of Mozambique Governor Gove, other line ministers, senior government officials, parliamentarians, the private sector, civil society, and development partners. At the conclusion of the visit, Ms. Ross issued the following statement:

Nacala integrated logistics corridor launched
17 March 2014, 12:00 pm

Maputo:  The first trainloads of coal along a railway from the Moatize coal basin through Malawi should reach the new port of Nacala-a-Velha in northern Mozambique in September. The government has signed a concession on the new port and on coal traffic along the railway with the Integrated Nacala Logistics Corridor (CLN), a consortium that is 80 per cent owned by the Brazilian mining giant Vale, and 20 per cent by Mozambique's publicly owned port and rail company, CFM. At a Maputo ceremony launching CLN, consortium officials said the entire project is costing 4.4 billion US dollars. The coal terminal at Nacala-a-Velha, built on the opposite side of Nacala Bay from the existing port of Nacala, will be able to export 18 million tones of coal a year.

Extractive sector brings Mozambique tax revenues of $100m in 2011
16 March 2014, 12:00 pm

Maputo:  In 2011 Mozambique earned nearly US$100 million in tax revenues from the extractive sector, indicates a report by the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative – Mozambique (ITIE-M) released in Maputo by the Mineral Resources Ministry. The document is the fourth produced by ITIE-M and shows that taxes collected from the extractive sector operating in Mozambique increased by 59 percent in 2011 compared to the previous year. Companies operating in the hydrocarbons area accounted for 69 percent of those taxes.

Brazilian innovation for under-financed Mozambican agriculture
12 March 2014, 12:00 pm

Maputo: Some of the technological excellence that revolutionised Brazil’s tropical agriculture is reaching small producers in Mozambique. But it is not enough to compensate for the underfinancing of the sector. Last year, Erasmo Laldás, a 37-year-old farmer who has worked for 15 years in Namaacha, a village 75 kilometres from Mozambique’s capital Maputo, planted 15,000 seedlings of Festival, a new strawberry variety originated in the United States. Laldás produced seven tonnes of strawberries, employing eight workers. He sold all his produce in Maputo, and in January was the lead vendor in that market, because there was already a shortage of the fruit in South Africa, his main competitor.

Tripartite ‘growth pole’ diagnostic reports: potentials and prospects for minerals-based industrialisation
12 March 2014, 12:00 pm

Pretoria:  Since its establishment in 2009, Trade Mark Southern Africa (TMSA) has supported the Tripartite of the Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa, the Southern African Development Community and the East African Community, in developing and implementing its regional integration agenda.  This involves supporting the design and planned implementation of the Tripartite Free Trade Area, improving the economic competitiveness of the region and reducing costs of cross-border transactions through a transport corridor approach addressing both trade facilitation issues and infrastructure constraints. Focused industrial development is essential in the COMESA-EAC-SADC Tripartite region to fundamentally change the economy and to promote high yield sectors. Such development brings not only an improvement in the GDP and job provision, but promotes knowledge accumulation and technological sophistication that have far reaching benefits for the economy.  This research was conducted under the topic “Tripartite ‘Growth Pole’ Diagnostic Reports: Analysis of Potentials and Prospects for Minerals-Based Industrialisation.”  

Mozambique to sell five state companies to private investors
11 March 2014, 12:00 pm

Maputo:  Five of 117 state companies under the umbrella of Mozambique’s state stake-holding company Instituto de Gestão das Participações do Estado de Moçambique will “soon” be sold to private investors, Mozambican newspaper Correio da Manhã reported.  The newspaper said that the information was provided by a government source who declined to name the companies that would be privatised. The source also said that the board of Instituto de Gestão das Participações do Estado planned to reduce the number of companies it is responsible for by 50 percent by sending some of them into liquidation and selling others.

Private sector cross-border financial flows and stocks in selected African countries
11 March 2014, 12:00 pm

Washington:  Private cross-border financial flows and stocks have grown to account for an increasingly significant part of overall transactions and positions in many African countries. Direct reporting through enterprise surveys has become a key data source to enable these flows and stocks to be measured accurately. This paper describes a multi-year IMF technical assistance project to establish direct reporting in six African countries (The Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, and Nigeria). Annual enterprise surveys are now established in all six countries with secured internal funding, and the survey results have been incorporated to varying degrees into the balance of payments and International Investment Position statistics.

Mozambican public debt is sustainable, says finance minister
10 March 2014, 12:00 pm

Maputo:  Mozambique's total public debt, as of 31 December, stood at about 6.8 billion US dollars, Finance Minister Manuel Chang told the Mozambican parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, on Thursday. Answering a question from the opposition Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM), he said that, of this amount, 5.8 billion dollars was foreign debt, and 994 million dollars was domestic debt (accumulated mainly through the sale of treasury bonds). Chang said that the current levels of foreign public debt are sustainable, falling well within the tolerable limits for all debt sustainability ratios.

Southern Africa Quarterly Review and Analysis: 3rd Quarter 2013
6 March 2014, 12:00 pm

Tunis:  Economic activity in Southern Africa was vibrant during the 3rd quarter as the region remained on course to attain a projected annual average growth rate of 4.4 percent. In Angola strong growth in the non-oil sector continued to boost overall economic activity. Also, planned new gas and oil fields coming on stream are envisaged to drive higher growth. Botswana’s economic recovery continued with increasing activity in all sectors. The economy in Lesotho continued to show resilience, largely supported by an improved performance in diamond mining. Malawi is benefitting from improved investor confidence, which is enhancing the availability of foreign exchange to the economy. Also, Malawi’s tobacco marketing session for the third quarter showed higher sales that further the increased availability of foreign exchange. Growth picked up in Mozambique as the adverse effects of the large floods from the beginning of 2013 continued to subside. Economic growth rebounded in South Africa – albeit significantly below the estimated potential – at the back of expansion in manufacturing activities,. In Swaziland growth continued to improve gradually, largely driven by recovery in manufacturing and construction activities.

South Africa, China and Portugal lead in new investments in Mozambique in 2013
4 March 2014, 12:00 pm

Maputo: South Africa, China and Portugal were the countries who companies made the most new investments in Mozambique in 2013, according to figures from the country’s Investment Promotion Centre (CPI), which approved 418 foreign investment projects worth US$1.363 million. The list of new projects approved by the Mozambican state organisation includes 41 countries, headed by South Africa (US$364 million), followed by China (US$299 million) and Portugal (US$171 million). Switzerland (US$148 million), Germany (US$140 million), the United Arab Emirates (US$53 million), Uganda (US$37 million), Mauritius (US$29 million), Italy (US$27 million) and the United Kingdom (US$25 million) complete the top ten list of investors in Mozambique.

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