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Mercado de terras urbanas em Moçambique
José Negrão, UEM-FAEF e Cruzeiro do Sul - IID, Dec 2004

Development Banks and Mozambique: Assessment of the pros and cons of Development Banks
Nathan Associates Inc., Dec 2004

Mozambique Diagnostic Trade Integration
Integrated Framework/World Trade Organisation, Nov 2004

Supporting sustained economic growth and development
Steve Radelet, Nathan Associates, Nov 2004

IMF country report: Request for a new three year arrangement under the PRGF
International Monetary Fund (IMF), Oct 2004

Baseline survey on PAP performance in 2003: report to the G-15 Programme Aid Partners and Government of Mozambique
Richard Gerstner and Alan Harding, Gerster Consulting, Sep 2004

General budget support: an alternative assistance approach (Mozambique country case study)
Joseph Lieberson, Diane Ray, Maxine Lunn, Bureau for Policy and Program Coordination, Aug 2004

Mozambique: Evaluation of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) process and arrangements under the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility (PRGF)
World Bank/International Monetary Fund, 6 Jul 2004

The Mphanda Nkuwa Dam project: Is it the best option for Mozambique's energy needs?
Intermediate Technology Consultants, Jun 2004

Relatorio Anual da Pobreza 2004
May 2004

Republic of Mozambique: Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper Progress Report
Government of Mozambique, May 2004

Republic of Mozambique: 2003 Article IV Consultation
International Monetary Fund (IMF), Mar 2004

Poverty and well-being in Mozambique: the second national assessment
Mar 2004

On relations between the NGOs of the North and Mozambican civil society
Jose Negrao, Feb 2004

Rebuilding after war: micro-level determinants of poverty reduction in Mozambique
Kenneth Simler, IFPRI, 2004

What is the experience and impact of South African trade and investment on the growth and development of host economies? A view from Mozambique
Carlos Nuno Castel-Branco, 2004

Every Continent Needs an America: The Experience of South African firms doing business in Mozambique
Neuma Grobbelaar, South African Institute of International Affairs, 2004

RAP Annual Poverty Report 2004 - Mozambique
G20 Group, 2004

Mozambique-Business Environment Assessment, 2004
Nathan Associates, 2004

A Propósito das Relações entre as ONGs do Norte e a Sociedade Civil Moçambicana
Jose Negrao, Cruzeiro do Sul - IID, 1 Oct 2003

Indústria e Industrialização em Moçambique: Análise da Situação Actual e Linhas Estratégicas de Desenvolvimento
Carlos Nuno Castel-Branco, Aug 2003

IMF Joint staff assessment of the Poverty Reduction Strategy paper
International Monetary Fund (IMF), Jul 2003

Mozambique`s Poverty Observatory
Apr 2003

Mozambique: Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper Progress Report
IMF, Apr 2003

Detailed review of five national PRSPs in the Southern African Region: Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Lesotho
Shirley Robinson, Save the Children (Sweden), Mar 2003

Annual profile '? Mozambique
Africa Economic Research, Standard Bank Group, Jan 2003

A Ajuda de Emergência à África Austral em Relação à Zona Norte de Moçambique: O Caso do Milho
Armando Ali, UNAC, 2003

Mainstreaming trade: a poverty reduction strategy for Mozambique
Nathan Associates, Oct 2002

Economic linkages between South Africa and Mozambique
Carlos Nuno Castel-Branco, Department for International Development (DFID), Aug 2002

Mozambique: 1999-2000 floods - impact evaluation of USAID's cash grant programme
John Miller, Abt Associates, Jul 2002

PARPA/PRSP and poverty reduction in Mozambique - challenges to national and international agents
Jun 2002

Journeys of faith: church-based responses to HIV and AIDS in three southern African countries
Gideon Byamugisha, Lucy Y. Steinitz, Glen Williams and Phumzile Zondi, Strategies for Hope, Jun 2002

The `PARPA`: Towards achieving results
José Negrão, Eduardo Mondlane University, May 2002

Para que o Parpa resulte! (reflexão epistemológica sobre um processo candente)
José Negrão, May 2002

Why Law Matters: Design Principles for Strengthening the Role of Forestry Legislation in Reducing Illegal Activities and Corrupt Practices
Jon Lindsay, Ali Mekouar and Lawrence Christy, 27 Apr 2002

SARPN Workshop - Land Markets and Poverty in Moçambique
5 Apr 2002

Law-Making in an African Context: the 1997 Mozambican Land Law
Christopher Tanner, 26 Mar 2002

How to induce development in Africa? The case of Mozambique
José Negrão, 2002

Bank Scandals
Joseph Hanlon, 8 Oct 2001

Managing Water Disasters and Minimizing the Vulnerability of Mozambique to Floods
Minister Roberto White, Terrapinn, 18 Sep 2001

Minimizing the Impact of Water Disasters : The 2001 Floods in Mozambique
Enrique Munoz Leira, Terrapinn, 18 Sep 2001

Indictments of Cardoso accused: Clippings round-up
Joseph Hanlon, 16 Sep 2001

Mozambique clippings
Joseph Hanlon, 2 Sep 2001

Mozambique bank head assassinated: Clippings round-up
Joseph Hanlon, 29 Aug 2001

Mozambique cashew industry: Clippings round-up
Joseph Hanlon, 8 Jul 2001

Land reform and poverty alleviation in Mozambique
Simon Norfolk, Harold Liversage, 2001

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Relações Sociais da Pobreza Urbana em Maputo, Moçambique
Social relations of urban poverty in Maputo, Mozambique

SARPN Workshop - Land Markets and Poverty in Moçambique
Land reform and poverty alleviation in Mozambique
Managing Water Disasters and Minimizing the Vulnerability of Mozambique to Floods

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