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Strengthening the Zimbabwean 'specter': the Zimbabwe Social Forum 2004 and the future
Tinashe Chimedza, 1099951200

South Africa and Zimbabwe
SARPN, Nov 2004

Zimbabwe under siege: A Canadian civil society perspective
Zimbabwe Reference Group, Sep 2004

Zimbabwe: 2004 Article IV Consultation
International Monetary Fund (IMF), Sep 2004

Hard truths and soft solutions: the aid industry's approach to the emergency in Zimbabwe
Clare Sayce, Christian Aid, 1093989600

The power of propaganda: public opinion in Zimbabwe 2004
Annie Chikwanha, Tulani Sithole and Michael Bratton, Afrobarometer, Aug 2004

FAO Special Report on Zimbabwe
FAO, 5 Jul 2004

Development planning and HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa
Mirjam van Donk, UNDP Regional Project on HIV & Development, Jul 2004

The impact of microfinance on enterprises and spefically those owned by women
M.C. Halimana and B.M. Zwizwai, Zimbabwe Association of Microfinance Institutions (ZAMFI), Jul 2004

Zimbabwe's land reform programme: Underinvestment in post-conflict transformation
Bill Kinsey, Free University/University of Zimbabwe, 15 Jun 2004

Introductory comments: Zimbabwe Human Development Report 2003
Prof. E Gomo, University of Zimbabwe, 6 May 2004

Land reform programme in Zimbabwe: disparity between policy design and implementation
Medicine Masiiwa, May 2004

World Bank Zimbabwe Country Assistance Evaluation
World Bank Operations Evaluation, 1 May 2004

Zimbabwe: Land, identity and power
David Mwaniki, Global Crisis Solutions, May 2004

The HIV and AIDS epidemic in Zimbabwe: Where are we now? Where are we going?
National Aids Council, May 2004

Zimbabwe: in search of a new strategy
John Prendergast, International Crisis Group (ICG), 19 Apr 2004

Famine in Zimbabwe
Zimconsult, Apr 2004

Gender Budgets Watch: Gender and Education in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Women's Resource Centre and Network (ZWRCN), Mar 2004

Quarterly community assessment of the socio-economic situation in Zimbabwe: Health and education
Civic Monitoring Programme, Mar 2004

Annual Profile: Zimbabwe
Robert Bunyi, Standard Bank Economics Division, Jan 2004

Zimbabwe and the IMF
Rangarirai Machemedze, SEATINI, 2004

Zimbabwe '? '?The government wants the people to give up hoping'?
Steve Kibble, CIIR, 2004

Zimbabwe: Non-governmental Organisations Bill
Minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, 2004

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Bill, 2004
Government of Zimbabwe, 2004

Zimbabwe: Report of the Parliamentary Legal Committee on the Non-Governmental Organisations Bill
Parliament of Zimbabwe, 2004

Democrats and donors: Studying democratisation in Africa
Sara Rich Dorman, 2004

The development potential of Zimbabweans in the diaspora: a survey of Zimbabweans living in the UK and South Africa
Alice Bloch, City University, 2004

Memories of underdevelopment: a personal interpretation of Zimbabwe's economic decline
Rob Davies, 2004

Labour and union issues in the Zimbabwean agricultural sector in 2004
Timothy Neill, 2004

Zimbabwe Millennium Development Goals - 2004 Progress Report
Minstry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare and UNDP, 2004

Statement on the Zimbabwe and Swaziland Crisis
Southern Africa Trade Union Co-ordination Council (SATUCC), 7 Nov 2003

Report of Presidential Land Review Committee on the implementation of the fast track land reform programme
Oct 2003

The Presidential Land Review Committee - a critique
Renson Gasela, Movement for Democratic Change, Oct 2003

Statement from the UN Humanitarian Coordinator, Mr. J. Victor Angelo
Mr. J. Victor Angelo, 10 Sep 2003

Solidarity Peace Trust: national youth service training - `shaping youths in a truly Zimbabwean manner`
The Solidarity Peace Trust, Zimbabwe and South Africa, 5 Sep 2003

Message to the people of Zimbabwe
Morgan Tsvangirai, 2 Sep 2003

C-SAFE: Zimbabwe Baseline Survey
C-SAFE, Sep 2003

Southern Africa: Destruction, (re)construction and Deconstruction - the case of Zimbabwe
Steve Kibble, Catholic Institute for International Affairs (CIIR), Sep 2003

African civil society consulation on Zimbabwe
6 Aug 2003

Issues surrounding the formation of a transitional government in Zimbabwe - A report from the Mass Public Opinion Institute
Tulani Sithole, Ethel Muchena, Charles Mangongera, Sharon Nhengu, Annacolletah Manjengwa, ZWNEWS, Aug 2003

Report of the Presidential Land Review Committee Volume ll: Special Studies
Utete Commission, Aug 2003

Putting out the Fire
Eddie Cross, 31 Jul 2003

Displaced and forgotten
15 Jul 2003

Delivering land and securing rural livelihoods: synthesis and way forward?
Michael Roth, Wisconsin, 10 Jul 2003

Decision time in Zimbabwe
International Crisis Group (ICG), 8 Jul 2003

Dialogue and transition conference report
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, 5 Jul 2003

Policy on operations on Non-Governmental Organisations in humanitarian and development assistance in Zimbabwe
Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, Jul 2003

Zimbabwe`s Turmoil: Problems and Prospects
Institute of Security Studies (ISS), 17 Jun 2003

Parliament of Zimbabwe: second report of the portfolio commitee on lands, agriculture, water, development, rural resources and resettlement
11 Jun 2003

Zimbabwe: Fewsnet June assessment
Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWSNET), 3 Jun 2003

Defiance versus repression: critical reflections on `the Final Push` 2-6 June 2003
Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, Jun 2003

Towards identifying impacts of HIV/AIDS on food security in Southern Africa and implictions for response: findings from Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe
SADC, 7 May 2003

FOSENET: community assessment of the food situation in Zimbabwe
May 2003

Community Assessment of the food situation in Zimbabwe, FOSENET
NGO Food Security Network (FOSENET), Apr 2003

Zimbabwe Emergency Food Security and Vulnerability Assessment (summary) - April 2003
Apr 2003

Household economy assessments: Binga and Nyaminyami Districts, April 2003
Save the Children, Apr 2003

Baroness Amos: `Setting the record straight`
31 Mar 2003

Morgan Tsvangirai: briefing to the diplomatic community
28 Mar 2003

The fast track resettlement and urban development nexus: the case for Harare
Nelson Marongwe, ZERO, 28 Mar 2003

Commodifying Oppression: South African Foreign Policy towards Zimbabwe under Mbeki
Dale McKinley, Mar 2003

Relief and recovery in Zimbabwe: food security in the current humanitarian crisis
Rene Loewenson, Mar 2003

FOSENET: Community assessment of the food situation in Zimbabwe
NGO Food Security Network (FOSENET), Mar 2003

Emergency Preparedness Bulletin, Issue 18 - Zimbabwe
Save the Children UK, Mar 2003

FOSENET: Community assessment of the food situation in Zimbabwe, February and March 2003 (Summary version)
NGO Food Security Network (FOSENET), Mar 2003

The situation of commercial farmworkers after land reform in Zimbabwe
Farm Community Trust of Zimbabwe, Mar 2003

Zimbabwe: food crisis to persist through 2003
Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWSNET), 24 Feb 2003

Morgan Tsvangirai letter to John Howard: a response to the Obasanjo letter
17 Feb 2003

Obasanjo letter to Howard
Olusegun Obasanjo, 13 Feb 2003

Emergency Preparedness Bulletin, Issue 17 - Zimbabwe
Save the Children UK, Feb 2003

Gender and HIV/AIDS: an analysis of Zimbabwe`s national policies and programmes on HIV/AIDS/STIS

Community assessment of the food situation in Zimbabwe December 2002/January 2003
NGO Food Security Network (FOSENET), Jan 2003

Secretary-General`s report to the Commonwealth chairperson`s Committee on Zimbabwe
Business Day, 2003

An analysis of the cause and effect of the brain drain in Zimbabwe
Scientific and Industrial Research and Development Centre (SIRDC), 2003

Position of the European Union on sanctions against Zimbabwe

Annual profile: Zimbabwe
Betty Kaseke, Jan 2003

Summary: Zimbabwe Human Development Report 2003
Jan 2003

Emergency Preparedness Bulletin - Issue No. 16
Save the children - UK, Jan 2003

Morgan Tsvangirai to G8 ambassadors in Harare

Report of the Presidential land review committee on the implementation of the Fast Track Land Reform programme, 2000-2002 (Volume I)
Zimbabwe, 2003

Morgan Tsvangiria: address to MDC MP, December 2002
8 Dec 2002

Emergency Preparedness Bulletin - Issue No. 15
Save the Children - UK, Dec 2002

Poverty Reduction Forum: Recommendations from the 2003 pre-budget seminar
Zimbabwe Poverty Reduction Forum, 9 Oct 2002

Stakeholder workshop on the food situation in Zimbabwe: Mapping a way forward
Zimbabwe Poverty Reduction Forum, Oct 2002

The Zimbabwe crisis and the way forward
Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), 9 Sep 2002

Eddie Cross: Comments on various issues affecting poverty in Zimbabwe
Eddie Cross, Movement for Democratic Change, 6 Sep 2002

President Robert Mugabe`s address to the WSSD
3 Sep 2002

Report on Four Household Economy Assessments in Zimbabwe
Save the Children (UK), UNDP, the Department of Social Welfare, AREX and Zvimba Rural District Council, Aug 2002

Can apples be reaped from a thorn tree? A case analysis of the Zimbabwean crisis and NEPAD`s peer review mechanism
Brian Kagoro, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, 4 Jul 2002

Executive summary of the Report of the Fact-fining Mission to Zimbabwe
Jun 2002

Report on the Assessment of the Impact of Land Reform Programme on Commercial Farm Worker Livelihoods (Zimbabwe)
Farm Community Trust of Zimbabwe, May 2002

The Livelihoods of Commercial Sex workers in Binga (Zimbabwe)
Michael O`Donnell, Mary Khozombah, Selina Mudenda, 27 Mar 2002

The Impact of Land Reform on Commercial Farm Workers` Livelihoods
Farm Community Trust of Zimbabwe, Mar 2002

`We will bury ourselves`: A study of child-headed households on commercial farms in Zimbabwe
Lynn Walker, Farm Orphan Support Trust of Zimbabwe, 2002

The Zimbabwe economy: how has it survived and how will it recover?
South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA), 2002

Communiqué of the Southern African Regional Conference on Farm Workers Human Rights and Security.
Godfrey Magaramombe, 2002

Southern Africa Regional Conference on Farm Workers' Human Rights & Security
Farm Community Trust of Zimbabwe, 2002

Trade and Development Studies Centre (TRADES) - Statement on the WTO DOHA Ministerial Declaration
Dr. Medicine Masiiwa, Trades Centre & Institute for Development Studies, University of Zimbabwe, 2002

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Can apples be reaped from a thorn tree? A case analysis of the Zimbabwean crisis and NEPAD`s peer review mechanism

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