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Save the Children

Report on Four Household Economy Assessments in Zimbabwe

for the SADC-VAC and Zimbabwe VAC, August 2002

Covering 4 Food Economy Zones:
1. Highveld Prime Communal   2. Mashonaland "Fast Track" Resettlement   3. Mashonaland Commercial Farm Workers   4. North Great Dyke Informal Mining Communities

Save the Children (UK) - Zimbabwe Country Programme - 2nd Draft Report Date: 16th August, 2002


Save the Children (UK), UNDP, the Department of Social Welfare, AREX and Zvimba Rural District Council
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Table of Contents
1.   Highveld Prime Communal
2.   Mashonaland 'Fast Track' Resettlement
3.   Mashonaland Commercial Farm Workers
4.   North Great Dyke Informal Mining Communities
   Annex 1: Communal Lands included in the 'Highveld Prime Communal' FEZ
   Annex 2: Seasonal Calendar
   Annex 3: Assumptions for Best, Worst and Likely Case Scenarios for FEZs 1 and 2
   Annex 4: Calculations of Food Access as Per ZIMVAC Questionnaire

Save the Children UK would like to acknowledge the support of the following, who contributed to and/ or supported this assessment:
  • The Office of the Minister of Local Government
  • The Provinical Administrator, Mashonaland East
  • Zvimba Rural District Council
  • AREX, Zvimba and Mashonaland East
  • The Department of Social Welfare, Mashonaland East
  • UNDP Relief & Recovery Unit
  • SADC FANR Vulnerability Assessment Committee
  • The District Administrator's Office, Zvimba District
  • The District Administrator's Office, Goromonzi District
  • The District Administrator's Office, Marondera District
  • The District Administrator's Office, Seke District
  • Communities and local leadership in Goromonzi, Marondera, Seke and Zvimba districts
The opinions expressed in this report are solely those of Save the Children UK.

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