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Issues surrounding the formation of a transitional government in Zimbabwe

A survey conducted by the Mass Public Opinion Institute

August 2003

Prepared by Tulani Sithole, Ethel Muchena, Charles Mangongera, Sharon Nhengu, Annacolletah Manjengwa

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Executive Summary

This survey examines the issues surrounding the formation of a transitional government in Zimbabwe. In addition, it also examines people's views regarding a government of national unity and the succession debate within ZANU (PF). The survey was motivated by the desire to find out the views of the general populace in view of the current debate on the way forward for this country.

The survey found out that there is a desire for a change to the status quo. Most people favour concurrent presidential and parliamentary elections. Also outstanding is the desire for fresh elections. For the majority of people, the solution to the problems facing the country lies in dialogue. The two major parties are both expected to compromise and climb down from the positions so far maintained. Further, people expect a democratic selection process in the ZANU (PF) succession issue, with Simba Makoni being the candidate people feel would fare better against the opposition.

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