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Zimbabwe - Economic Performance Assessment: A benchmark study

Bruce Bolnick, Alexander Greenbaum, and Pooja Pokhrel (Nathan Associates)
Krista Hendry (Fund for Peace)

Nathan Associates

September 2007

SARPN acknowledges the DEC website as the source of this report:
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This report is one of a series of economic performance assessments prepared for the EGAT Bureau to provide USAID missions and regional bureaus with a concise evaluation of key indicators covering a broad range of issues relating to economic growth performance in designated host countries. Because of Zimbabwe’s unique political situation and broad economic collapse, USAID has requested that this report serve as a basis for planning future program priorities to help restore economic growth, contingent on a change in political conditions. The report draws on a variety of international data sources1 and uses international benchmarking against reference group averages, comparator countries, and statistical norms to identify major constraints, trends, and opportunities for restoring growth and reducing poverty. This report reflects data available as of July 2007. At the request of the USAID mission in Harare, the study uses two neighboring countries, South Africa and Zambia, as comparators. Zambia provides a baseline for direct comparison, whereas South Africa represents the regional standard that Zimbabwe should aspire to achieve. In addition, Zimbabwe’s performance is also compared to median values for other low-income countries in sub-Saharan Africa (LI-SSA).

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