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Summary: Zimbabwe Human Development Report 2003

Redirecting our responses to HIV and AIDS

"Towards reducing vulnerability - the ultimate war for survival"


Posted with permission of the Poverty Reduction Forum at the Institute for Development Studies at the University of Zimbabwe.
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The central/core message of the Zimbabwe Human Development (ZHDR) 2003 is 'the challenge of breaking the cycle of HIV infection using the broadened multisectoral developmental response approach'.


The current Zimbabwe Human Development Report is the fourth publication in a series which started with Poverty (1998), Globalization (1999) and Governance (2000). The theme for the Zimbabwe Human Development Report 20031 on "HIV and AIDS" is most befitting. Southern Africa, Zimbabwe included, is the epicenter of the epidemic. The report comes in to challenge the nation on the need to address the epidemic from a developmental perspective in addition to the current largely biomedical response. In this respect, the Report explores extensively the link between HIV, AIDS and development dynamics (both level and pattern of development). The Report concludes that "reducing socio-economic vulnerability in the population at large is paramount to effective combating of the HIV and AIDS epidemic". The methodology of Human Development Reports the world over is to collect secondary information and supplement it with primary information as far as possible to produce a coherent report to inform the policy formulation process. Thus, National Human Development Reports are similarly designed to support national governments and their development partners in their efforts to achieve sustainable human development. The Reports also seek to strengthen national capacity for analyzing development dynamics and coming up with effective strategies to address identified challenges. To that end, the current Zimbabwe Human Development Report on HIV and AIDS, relies heavily on key research already done in various sectors of the country. Primary research was carried out largely to verify already existing information. It is hoped that this Report will help in the scaling up of the national strategies in Zimbabwe to combat the HIV and AIDS epidemic. The ZHDR is, generally, an advocacy tool to remind the nation of its development priorities as well as to alert the nation on emerging development challenges. As such, the Report is supposed to be an effective tool for mobilizing the nation to ensure effective implementation of development programmes at all levels.

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