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NGO Food Security Network

Community Assessment of the Food Situation in Zimbabwe

December 2002 / January 2003


Posted with permission of FOSENET
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"The food situation is deteriorating by the day and GMB depots are empty"
"Maize meal is never enough for peasants and when they complain they are labelled opposition"

In March 2002 a number of National NGOs viewed the growing food crisis with concern, and formed a network to share experience, views and resources on a response. This National NGO Food Security Network (FOSENET) involves 24 organisations that collectively cover ALL districts of Zimbabwe, and all types of communities.

FOSENET members subscribe that food distribution in Zimbabwe must be based on a platform of ethical principles that derive from international humanitarian law, viz:
  • The right to life with dignity and the duty not to withhold or frustrate the provision of life saving assistance;
  • The obligation of states and other parties to agree to the provision of humanitarian and impartial assistance when the civilian population lacks essential supplies;
  • Relief not to bring unintended advantage to one or more parties nor to further any partisan position;
  • The management and distribution of food and other relief with based purely on criteria of need and not on partisan grounds, and without adverse distinction of any kind;
  • Respect for community values of solidarity, dignity and peace and of community culture.

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