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Fishing for food in dry seasons
IRIN news, 26 Apr 2007

Frequently asked questions on special products
Catholic Agency for Overseas Development, 16 Feb 2007

Agriculture and poverty in South Africa: can agriculture reduce poverty?
Charles Machethe, University of Pretoria, 29 Oct 2004

Implementing the Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Programme and restoring food security in Africa
NEPAD Secretariat, Oct 2004

Strategic analysis and knowledge support systems for rural development strategies in Sub-Saharan Africa
Michael Johnson (and others!), IFPRI, Oct 2004

DFID's agriculture policy: report of the Select Committee on International Development
Select Committee on International Development, 15 Sep 2004

Informal cross border food trade in Southern Africa
FEWS NET, Sep 2004

Access to land, growth and poverty reduction in Malawi
Ephraim Chirwa, University of Malawi, Aug 2004

Linking producers to markets: USAID agriculture strategy
US Agency for International Development, Jul 2004

FEWSNET: Southern Africa food security brief, May/June 2004
FEWSNET, Jun 2004

NEPAD study to explore further options for food security reserve systems in Africa
NEPAD Secretariat, Jun 2004

Rangeland management in Lesotho: report on assessment of needs for reintroduction of grazing fees
Oliver Chapeyama, Chemonics International, Jun 2004

The effects of market reform on maize marketing margins in South Africa
Lulama Ndibongo Traub, T.S. Jayne, Michigan State University, May 2004

Interaction between the agricultural sector and the HIV/AIDS pandemic: implications for agricultural policy
Thom Jayne, Mar 2004

Mozambique assessment: the impact of HIV/AIDS on household economy
Celia Petty, Kerry Selvester, John Seaman, James Acidri, Save the Children, Mar 2004

CBNRM, poverty reduction and sustainable livelihoods: Developing criteria for evaluating the contribution of CBNRM to poverty reduction and alleviation in southern Africa
Brian TB Jones, Centre for Applied Social Sciences (CASS) and Programme for Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS), Mar 2004

Enhancing agriculture and food security for poverty reduction in the SADC region
SADC Ministers of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources, 14 Feb 2004

Food security in South Africa: key policy issues for the medium term
Mike de Klerk, Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC), Jan 2004

Modelling pro-poor agricultural growth strategies in Malawi: lessons for policy and analysis
Andrew Dorward, Jamie Morrison, Peter Wobst, Hans Lofgren and Hardwick Tchale, 2004

The impact of HIV/AIDS on farmers' knowledge of seed: case study of Chokwe District, Gaza Province, Mozambique
Dr Rachel Waterhouse, International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), Jan 2004

Labour and union issues in the Zimbabwean agricultural sector in 2004
Timothy Neill, 2004

Drought impact mitigation and prevention in the Limpopo River Basin: a situation analysis
FAO, 2004

Reaching the poor - a call to action: Investment in smallholder agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa
FARM-Africa, Harvest Help and the Centre for Development and Poverty Reduction, Dapertment of Agricultural Sciences, Imperial College London, 2004

A rich man's hobby
Robin Sherbourne, Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), 11 Dec 2003

African Union - European Union regional workshop on irrigation farming for small and medium scale farmers
African Union, 1 Dec 2003

Flashback: Fifty Years of Donor Aid to African Agriculture
Carl Eicher, Michigan State University, Dec 2003

A framework for transitioning to rural economic growth in Angola
Scott Allen, Jerry Brown, Sarah Gavian, Steve Kyle, Alex Deprez, John Mellor, USAID, Dec 2003

The impact of HIV/AIDS on livelihoods in Lesotho
Mpolelo Mothibi, Care, Nov 2003

Mitigating the effects of HIV/AIDS on food security and agriculture in Eastern and Southern Africa
Wendy P Munn, Emma Sylvester Bradley, VETAID, Nov 2003

Co-operatives in South Africa: their role in job creation and poverty reduction
Kate Philip, Oct 2003

Rethinking US agricultural policy: changing course to secure farmer livelihoods worldwide
Agricultural Policy Analysis Centre, Sep 2003

Ensuring a pro-poor focus in agriculture and rural development through NEPAD
Saliem Fakir, Aug 2003

Report of the Presidential Land Review Committee Volume ll: Special Studies
Utete Commission, Aug 2003

Africa`s Agricultural Trade Reforms and Development Options
Frances Perkins, South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA), Jun 2003

USAID Regional Centre for Southern Africa: Food Security Strategic Option
USAID Regional Center for Southern Africa, Jun 2003

Integrating relief and development to accelerate reductions in food insecurity in shock-prone areas
USAID Office of Food for Peace, Jun 2003

Round-Table-Workshop: Mitigation of HIV/AIDS. Impacts through agricultural and rural development - success stories and future actions
May 2003

Achieving long-term food security in Southern Africa: international perspectives, investment strategies and lessons
Joachim von Braun, Peter Hazell, John Hoddinott, Suresh Babu, 19 Mar 2003

Trade policies and agricultural trade in the SADC region: challenges and implications
Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF), Mar 2003

Livelihood erosion through time: macro and micro factors that influenced livelihood trends in Malawi over the last 30 years
Timothy Frankenberger, Kristina Luther, Karyn Fox, John Mazzeo, Care Southern and Western Regional Management Unit (SWARMU), Mar 2003

Speech on agricultural development by President Jacques Chirac to the 22nd Conference of heads of State of Africa and France
21 Feb 2003

Agricultural employment in Namibia: not the engine of wage employment growth
Martin Angula, Robin Sherbourne, Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), Feb 2003

NEPAD and agricultural development in Africa
Feb 2003

Executive summary: Food Pricing Monitoring Committee
Food pricing monitoring committee, 2003

Evaluation of USAID/Malawi's strategic objective 1: Increased agricultural incomes on a per capita basis - 1993 to 2001
Donald Jackson, Joseph Dorsey, Conrad Fritsch, Peter Hopcraft, Development Associates, Jan 2003

Lesotho: Fostering rural economic development through agriculture-based enterprises and services
Qhobela Selebalo, Dirk Effler, Nov 2002

Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme
New Partnership for Africa`s Development (NEPAD), Nov 2002

Stop the Dumping!
Oxfam, Oct 2002

Measuring the impacts of prime-age adult death on rural households in Kenya
Takashi Yamano, TS Jayne, Oct 2002

The integrated food security strategy for South Africa
17 Jul 2002

The role of agricultural information in poverty monitoring in Malawi
By F Muyepa, Jul 2002

Pricing behaviour in the South African food and agricultural sector
Nick Vink, Johann Kirsten, Jun 2002

Cultivating poverty: the impact of cotton subsidies on Africa
Kevin Watkins with the support of Jung-ui Sul, Oxfam International, 2002

Development reconsidered: The Africa challenge
Daniel W. Bromley, 2002

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Development reconsidered: The Africa challenge
The role of agricultural information in poverty monitoring in Malawi
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