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South African Institute of International Affairs


Africa's Agricultural Trade Reforms and Development Options

by Frances Perkins1

Copyright: South African Institute of International Affairs
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As Africa has a strong actual and potential international comparative advantage in agriculture and agri-processed products, improving African agricultural producers’ access to world markets should benefit African agriculture, exports and overall economic growth significantly. However, developed and even developing countries generally operate high tariff and non tariff barriers to agricultural trade, and many developed economies subsidise agricultural production and exports, depressing world agricultural prices and undermining Africa’s options of pursuing agricultural export oriented economic growth. Hence, achieving agricultural trade liberalisation in the Doha round is important for Africa’s future development prospects.

  1. Dr Frances Perkins is the executive director of the Economic Analytical Unit at the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
  2. This trade policy briefing is the first in a series of briefings published by the South African Institute of International Affairs’ Development Through Trade project, which is funded by DFID and USAID. The briefing is based on a longer report by the Economic Analytical Unit (2003a) in the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, ‘Advancing African Agriculture through Trade Reform’,

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