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CARE Southern and Western Africa Regional Management Unit (SWARMU)

Livelihood Erosion Through Time:
Macro and Micro Factors that Influenced Livelihood Trends in Malawi Over the Last 30 Years

Prepared by: Timothy Frankenberger, Kristina Luther, Karyn Fox and John Mazzeo

TANGO International, Inc.

March 2003


Posted with permission of Michael Drinkwater, Care Southern and Western Regional Management Unit (SWARMU)
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Executive Summary
Table of contents
  1. Introduction
  2. The Colonial Period (Prior to 1964)
  3. 1964-1980: Estate-Sector Biases Under the Banda Regime
  4. 1981-1990: The First Structural Adjustments
  5. 1990-1991: A Shift to Smallholder Tobacco Production
  6. 1991-1993: The Southern Africa Drought and Its Impact
  7. 1994-1998: Transition to Democracy and Smallholder Liberalization
  8. 1998-2000: Chronic Poverty and Food Insecurity
  9. 2001-Present: The Current Food Crisis
  10. Short-Falls of the Vulnerability Assessment Committee Studies
  11. Cross-Cutting Themes
  12. Hypotheses and Recommendations for Future Research
  13. Conclusion
  14. Documents Reviewed

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