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Fostering Rural Economic Development through Agriculture-based Enterprises and Services

International Workshop
20 - 22 November 2002, GTZ-Haus, Berlin

Case Study:

The Land Reform in Lesotho:

- Will it lead to poverty reduction in rural areas?

by Mr. Qhobela Cyprian Selebalo, National Coordinator Land Management and Administration ,
and Mr. Dirk Effler, GTZ-Capacity Building in Land Management Lesotho, Senior Technical Advisor,

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The Kingdom of Lesotho is ranked amongst the poorest Nations of the World; therefore poverty reduction is one of the priorities in the Government's development objectives. In recent years the focus of Land Reform in Lesotho was on creating a favourable environment for agricultural development and economic investment. The success of agricultural development and economic investment will alleviate poverty for rural population. The case study reviews the on going land reform process in Lesotho in view of ascertaining whether the reform will have the desired effects of reducing poverty in the rural areas.

The proposals for the National Land Policy and legislation are assessed in light of the possible effects on rural agro-economy, thus poverty alleviation. Will these seemingly innocent policy proposals (like the provision of land rights to women who are the key role players in agricultural production; introduction of land markets to the rural economy; rural land management; land registration; land use controls and planning; range management; etc.) bear the positive or negative results in poverty reduction strategy? And how are these perceived in the ongoing development of Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper and other policy documents?

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