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Human Sciences Research Council
Integrated Rural and Regional Development

Position Paper

Food security in South Africa: key policy issues for the medium term

January 2004

Posted with permission of Mike de Klerk, Executive Director of the Integrated Rural and Regional research programme in the HSRC. E-mail:
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Table of contents

Issue 1: Should public sector policy in South Africa accommodate the dynamics of the regional food market? If so, how might this best be done?
Issue 2: How is HIV/AIDS impacting on food security?
Issue 3: What is the extent of food insecurity in South Africa? And what are the major determinants of food security for low-income households?
Issue 4: How is food security affected by infrastructural and institutional deficiencies that constrain access to non-agricultural components of income?
Issue 5: How does land reform impact on food security?
Issue 6 and 7: How do infrastructural and institutional supply-side constraints affect food production in low-income households?
Issue 8: What is the appropriate role of food gardens in promoting food security?
Issue 9: What influence do food price fluctuations have on food security? And how might their influence best be mitigated?
Issue 10: How can the development of proactive and reactive systems to minimize and respond to food emergencies best be undertaken or assisted?
Issue 11: What are the most cost effective ways of improving public health services and public education to reduce malnutrition?

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