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Civil Society for Poverty Reduction - October 2001

3.5 Environment
The following are the suggested strategies under the environment and these are premised on the fact that environment is cross-cutting:

  1. An increase in the funding level for purposes of research and development by different research organizations including the universities in order to maximize on the potential benefits from the use of natural resources.

  2. Develop strong linkages between Government and other non-state actors and improve on environmental protection as well as provide opportunities for poverty reduction.

  3. Strengthen the provisions of Environmental laws and provide for strict enforcement in order to protect the environment from degradation.

  4. Develop a National Sustainable Development Strategy, which will equally be implemented in the PRSP process.

  5. Pilot Community Based Natural Resources Management (CBNRM) projects should be reviewed and replicated in other areas, as a vehicle to ensure equitable sharing of benefits by the communities.

  6. Institute strategies to protect and preserve Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS)

  7. Ensure gender mainstreaming in environmental management, so as to provide both access and control to both women and men in the communities.

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