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Civil Society for Poverty Reduction - October 2001

3.1 Tourism and poverty reduction
The general content of the chapter of tourism, meets the favour of civil society, although, the forum would like to add to the list of interventions, a few other priority interventions that would equally have immediate impact on poverty reduction.

  1. Government and other stakeholders should develop Community Tourism Schemes that will have the dual benefits of increasing the level of domestic tourism, as well as ensuring that there is equitable sharing of benefits from tourism activities with the local communities.

  2. The ADMADE model should be strengthened and replicated in other Game Management Areas and, thus broaden community participation in wildlife management.

  3. The proposed support schemes for local farmers who supply food stuffs to tour operators are welcome but these, it is proposed, should be expanded to encompasses other direct participants in the tourism industry such as artists, sculptors and crafts-persons supplying curios or other forms of artefacts for tourist consumption.

  4. Government in collaboration with other stakeholders in the tourism industry should review the quality and types of jobs created and the conditions of services offered. A deliberate policy should be instituted that will monitor and evaluate both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of jobs offered to Zambians in the Industry.

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