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Civil Society for Poverty Reduction - October 2001

3.3 Health / HIV/AIDS
The following are some observations and suggestions, which need to be included in order to effectively, provide the necessary health care to all including the poor:

  1. HIV/AIDS and the resultant effects must be considered as an emergency. While the draft has highlighted some measures contained in the National AIDS Plan, insufficient details are given in the main strategies and interventions and these do not seem to be congruent with the budget of US$150 million.

  2. Under the cost sharing and fees, civil society would like to propose an expansion of categories falling under the exemption scheme to include other vulnerable groups like street kids, orphans and child-headed households.

  3. The situational analysis eloquently identifies problems that need immediate attention, but these have not been captured in the priorities. For instance, there is recognition of outdated and obsolete legislation that does not respond to the needs of the citizens. It is our proposal that the process of legal reform in the health sector be embarked upon in the first PRSP cycle. .

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