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Civil Society for Poverty Reduction - October 2001

2.0 Methodology
The forum was prefaced with a presentation of the overview of the draft PRSP document including the implementation and monitoring measures being proposed. This was subsequently, complemented with a presentation on the Civil Society's input paper (PRSP - Civil Society's Perspective, June 2001). Summaries of the various thematic / sectoral chapters as outlined in the draft PRSP, were presented to lay the foundation for further discussions. Focus group discussions were convened for purposes of in-depth analysis of the draft document and some points of consideration were:

  1. To compare and contrast policy measures and programmes contained in the draft PRSP with those contained in the Civil Society PRSP input document and to identify specific gaps. Gaps were to be identified for the specific purpose of guiding input and discussion based on the two broad objectives alluded to earlier.

  2. To identify any critical issues that may have been left out of the draft PRSP that needed to be included based on the broad objectives alluded to earlier.

  3. Based upon 1 and 2 above, to suggest in the order of priority at least five critical policy and / or programme interventions that should be contained under the sector/theme in Zambia's final PRSP.

  4. To gauge the extent to which policy/programme recommendations contained in the civil society document have been incorporated in the draft PRSP.

  5. To make any other suggestions.

2.1 Limitations

The National forum confined itself in the review of the draft PRSP to chapters, which formed part of its thematic working groups. The review did not therefore extend to topics such as Transport, Water and Energy, although due credit was given to government for including these important issues. Civil society in its paper dealt with industry under Employment and Sustainable Livelihoods, which made comparison difficult. However, the forum did consider the general aspects of industry in its review.

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