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NEWSLETTER No 5, April 2002

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Table of Contents
1.   Profiling NEPAD
       The Governance Structure
       Implementation process
       What makes it special?
2.   Report from Abuja
       Peace and Security
       Political Governance and Peer Review
       Key themes and sectors
       Marketing and implementing NEPAD
       Financing development
3.   NEPAD G8 Representatives
4.   Initial Commentary on NEPAD
       Comparative advantage
       Policy domains
       Impacts on the poor
       Applying the framework
5.   Monterrey Conference - Perspectives and Outcomes
       SADC perspectives
       A civil society view
6.   Issues for the World Summit on Sustainable Development
7.   WSSD and NEPAD
8.   Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers
       PRSPs in Brief
9.   Save the Children Fund briefing on PRSPs
       Ownership and participation
       Including all civil society
       Policy content
10.   World Bank IMF Review of PRSPs – Main Findings
       A broad consensus
       Participatory processes
       Conflict affected countries
       Monitoring and evaluation
       Clarifying priority public actions
       Managing public expenditure
       Improving the integration of PRSPs into other decision making processes
       Improving donor alignment and harmonisation
       Balance between speed and quality for HIPCs
       Future Monitoring
11.   Spending on Poverty Reduction in Zambia
       External Debt
       Progress on the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper
       Poverty Reduction Expenditure in 2001
       2002 Budget Targets and Priorities
12.   Will the poor go to school? Cost sharing in education in Zambia
       State fails to meet commitments
       Counteracting the crisis
13.   Can Africa halve its poverty by 2015?
       Wiseman Nkuhlu replies
14.   Regional Workshop on the Mozambique Land Law
15.   WORKSHOP - Children, HIV and Poverty in Southern Africa
       Objectives of the workshop
16.   Malawi Aids Database and Website
17.   Canadian Development Assistance and NEPAD
18.   SARPN Web Site
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