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3.NEPAD G8 Representatives
The leaders of the G8 countries have each appointed a personal NEPAD representative. They are expected to keep their government’s informed of developments over Nepad, to liase with senior Nepad structures and to help shape a collective G8 response to Nepad.

Countries Area of interest Representative
European Union Governance Giorgio Bonacci: Director General of the Common Service For External Relations of the European Commission
Cananda Robert Fowler: Chairman of the G8 representatives and responsible for coordinating the June 2002 G8 Summit in Canada. Taught in Rwanda.
France Water Michel Camdessus: Retired Managing Director and Chairman of the IMF
Germany Trade, investment, economic growth Uschi Eid: Parliamentary Secretary to the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development. Worked in Eritrea for GTZ.
Italy Information and communications technology (ICT) Alberto Michelini
Japan Nabutake Ondano: Director General for African Affairs, Japanese Foreign Affairs Ministry.
Russia Simonia Nodari: Director of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations.
United Kingdom Peace and Security Baroness Valerie Amos: Under Secretary of State in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the House of Lords. Advised the South African Government on transformation, human resource development, employment equity and human rights.
United States of America Agriculture, Education, Health Walter Kansteiner: Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs. Advised on mergers, acquisitions and privatisations in Africa, including the Telkom privatisation in South Africa

These representatives have held four meetings (in London, Addis Ababa, Cape Town and Dakar) and are expected to hold two further meetings (in Maputo, in mi-May, and in Canada, in early June) before the G8 meeting. The G8 countries have divided up their interest in Nepad’s priority areas, taking responsibility for leading the development of a draft document on each priority area. These divisions are reflected in the above table. A draft composite document is expected shortly.

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