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18. SARPN Web Site
Since our recent circular announcing our revamped web site we have posted a number of articles dealing with, inter alia, the forthcoming World Summit on Sustainable Development, the recent Financing for Development Conference in Monterrey, Mexico and a collection of new articles dealing with poverty issues in the SADC region. The latest edition of the South African Labour Bulletin is also up, while a comprehensive report on Micro-finance in Southern Africa will soon be posted.

The web will also shortly contain the papers presented to our recent set of past conferences, including the imminent workshop on regional migration issues. The perspectives at the Southern African launch of the Oxfam “Make Trade Fair” document will also be published.,

Persons with an interest in energy, gender and poverty might be interested in our forthcoming conference in Nambia on this key WSSD theme. The web contains a registration form for interested persons.

SARPN would like to thank those organisations who sent documents to us for posting and we would like to re-affirm our offer to post material generated by other organisations in the SADC region with a clear poverty focus. Keep the material flowing in!

The website is also updated with our daily news flash. Regular visits to the site at will keep you up to date with the latest information on poverty related development issues in the SADC region.

Finally, readers across Southern Africa might like to take up an offer from the French Institute of South Africa for free copies of their new monograph Bodies and Politics, Healing rituals in the Democratic South Africa. The book contains a number of contributions on themes around traditional healing systems and indigenous medical practice. One contribution, by Suzanne Leclerc-Madlala, provides an account of the way traditional practice has responded to HIV/AIDS. The shear numbers of these practitioners (more than 350,000) is suggestive of the role they could play in the fight against HIV. Unfortunately because of a lack of organisation and communication, and because of the way they have been treated in the past, traditional healers do not play the role that they should. This situation is untenable given the power and status that such healers have in their community. Copies may be ordered Its website can be consulted at

The Southern African Regional Poverty Network is hosted by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) in Pretoria, within its Integrated Rural and Regional research programme. SARPN is funded by DFID (SA).

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