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Ten Year Review:
selected background documents commissioned for the Ten Year Review process

The website of the Population and Development Information Service contains a large number of other research reports covering issues such as HIV/AIDS & Demographic issues.
It can be accessed at
Enquiries can be directed to Mr. Jacques van Zuydam at
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As an input into the analysis contained in the Ten Year Review, the South African government commissioned a series of background research papers from a variety of research agencies and individuals. A selection of these documents have now been released for public review, through the website of the Population and Development chief directorate of the Department of Social Development. They have been published in the form submitted to the government.

SARPN has been given permission by Jacques van Zuydam, chief director of the directorate, to post these documents in a PDF format directly on the SARPN website.

Readers should note that a number of these reports are very lengthy and/or contain a large number of tables: their downloading time will thus be slow, especially if the website is accessed at peak times during the day.

Section One: Full report

Towards a Ten Year Review: Complete Report. Synthesis report on implementation of government programmes:

Towards Ten Years of Freedom: Progress in the First Decade - Challenges of the Second Decade

Section Two: Broad poverty-related material

Synthesis Report on Social and Economic Impacts of Government Programmes since 1994. - 503Kb ~ 3 min (53 pages)
Human Sciences Research Council: Michael Aliber. December 2003.

Overview of the Incidence of Poverty in South Africa for the 10-Year Review. - 112Kb ~ 1 min (27 pages)
Human Sciences Research Council. Michael Aliber. November 2002.

Millennium Development Indicators for South Africa. - 1.1Mb ~ 6 min (37 pages)
Department of Social Development, Statistics SA & UNDP. 2003.

A Comparative Analysis of 1996 and 2001-Census Data on Vulnerable and Special Target Groups. - 530Kb ~ 3 min (86 pages)
University of Pretoria: Mark Oranje. November 2003.

Demographic and Statistical Overview, 1994 - 2004. - 188Kb ~ 1 min (40 pages)
Bureau of Market Research, University of South Africa: Prof CJ van Aardt & Ms Anja Schacht. March 2003.

The state of proposed indicators to monitor the impact and other aspects of HIV/Aids. - 63Kb < 1min (19 pages)
Human Sciences Research Council: S. Jooste, O. Shisana & L. Simbayi 2003.

Social assistance grants: impact of government programmes using administrative data sets
Dr Ingrid Woolard, 19 June 2003

Section Three: Economic and labour issues

10 Year Review: Industrial structure and competition policy. - 376Kb ~ 2 min (82 pages)
Corporate Strategy and Industrial Development Research Project, School of Economic and Business Sciences, University of the Witwatersrand: Neo Chabane, Johannes Machaka, Nkululeko Molaba, Simon Roberts, Milton Taka.

A Review of the Changing Composition of the South African Economy. - 324Kb ~ 2 min (69 pages)
Trade and Industrial Policy Strategies (TIPS): Rashad Cassim, Donald Onyango, Zola Skosana and Dirk Van Seventer. Appendix: Detailed 46 Sector Analysis. - 268Kb ~ 1 min (62 pages)

Employment and Unemployment Trends in Post-Apartheid South Africa. - 235Kb ~ 1 min (25 pages)
Development Policy Research Unit: Haroon Bhorat.

From the Starting Bloc: A Decade of Black Economic Empowerment. - 540Kb ~ 3 min (79 pages)
Empowerdex: Vuyo Jack.

Section Four: Foreign Policy and International Relations issues

A Review of the Republic of South Africa's Leading Role on the African Continent. - 104Kb ~ 1 min (43 pages)
Faculty of Law, University of North West: Professor Melvin LM Mbao.

A Ten Year Review of the Foreign Service Institute. - 70Kb < 1min (24 pages)
Institute for Global Dialogue: Theunis Aldrich & Prince Mashele.

Report: IRPS Cluster Review. - 50Kb < 1min (11 pages)
Institute for Global Dialogue (IGD).

The role of South Africa in the Security Structures of Southern Africa. - 90Kb < 1min (29 pages)
Vista University - Soweto: Gampi Matheba. April 2003.

Beyond Mandelamania? Imaging, Branding and Marketing in South Africa. - 157Kb ~ 1 min (34 pages)
University of Stellenbosch & Small world: Global Trend and Policy Analysis: Janis van der Westhuizen.

Review of Trade and Investment Negotiations. - 77Kb < 1min (21 pages)
Trade Law Centre: Trudie Hartzenberg. June 2003.

Section Five: Local government, service delivery and intergovernmental relations

Alexandra: A Case Study of Service Delivery for the Presidential 10 Year Review Project. - 430Kb ~ 2 min (57 pages)
Human Sciences Research Council in association with Indlovo Link. Marlene Roefs, Vino Naidoo, Mike Meyer, Joan Makalela. June 2003.

CBD Durban with special emphasis on Warwick Junction - 245Kb ~ 1 min (25 pages), and ii) Inanda. Human Sciences Research Council: David Hemson. May 2003.

Evaluation of Service Delivery: Colesberg. - 339Kb ~ 2 min (72 pages)
Human Sciences Research Council: Doreen Atkinson, Ntobeko Buso, Daniel Pienaar, Carin van Schalkwyk, Pulani Simes, Tlalane Lekhanya. May 2003.

Executive Summary: Crossroads. - 20Kb < 1min (6 pages)

Aftermaths of Struggle: Government Delivery in Crossroads, Cape Town, after 1994. - 328Kb ~ 2 min (97 pages)
Human Sciences Research Council: Catherine Cross. September 2003.

Executive Summary of Nelspruit (Mbombela) case study. - 29Kb < 1min (7 pages)
Human Sciences Research Council: Whynie Adams and Badiri Moila. June 2003.

Nelspruit (Mbombela): Ten Year Review. - 156Kb ~ 1 min (46 pages)
Human Sciences Research Council: Whynie Adams and Badiri Moila. June 2003.

The Executive Summary - Wild Coast. - 15Kb < 1min (3 pages)

Spatial Development Initiative. - 128Kb ~ 1 min (36 pages)
The Wild-Coast in OR Tambo District Municipality.

Ten-year Review: Buffalo City. - 158Kb ~ 1 min (59 pages)
Human Sciences Research Council: SeР±n Morrow and Kim Engel. June 2003.

Intergovernmental Relations and Service Delivery in South Africa. - 1Mb ~ 6 min (94 pages)
Timothy Layman. August 2003.

Local Government Fiscal Risk - Discussion Document. - 271Kb ~ 2 min (49 pages)
Applied Fiscal Research Centre, University of Cape Town: Jonathan Carter and Tania Ajam.

Batho Pele Policy Review. - 153Kb ~ 1 min (35 pages)
Job Mokgoro Consulting: Job Mokgoro. September 2003.

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