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Seminar: 25 April 2002

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Seminar papers

Opening speech by Dr Mangosuthu Buthelezi

Towards a Responsible Framework for the Arrest, Detention and Repatriation of Illegal Foreigners: A Human Rights Perspective of the Immigration Bill
Emma Algotsson and Jacob van Garderen
Skills and brain drain and the movement of skilled migrants in Southern Africa
Prof. Eugene K. Campbell
A contribution for the understanding of the legislation on repatriation on Southern Africa: The case of the relations between Mozambique and its neighbours (South Africa, Zimbabwe and Swaziland)
Fernando Dava
The relationship between migration and poverty in Southern Africa
John O. Oucho
Hurdles to trade? South Africa’s immigration policy and informal sector cross-border traders in the SADC
Sally Peberdy
Asylum and refugee policies in Southern Africa: A historical perspective
Dr. Bonaventure Rutinwa
An overview of migration in the SADC region
Vincent Williams
The immigration bill from a human rights perspective
Zonke Majodina

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