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Hurdles to trade? South Africa’s immigration policy and informal
sector cross-border traders in the SADC1

Sally Peberdy
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Table of Contents
1.   Introduction
2.   Relationship to trade and economic policies
   2.1 Relevant policy initiatives
3.   Who are cross-border traders?
   3.1 Employment opportunities
4.   What goods are traded and where are they bought and sold?
   4.1 Patterns of movement
   4.2 Volumes of goods carried
   4.3 Purchase and selling markets
5.   Commitment to entrepreneurship
6.   Visa status and issues of legality and illegality
   6.1 Immigration status
   6.2 Issues of illegality
7.   What is the impact of this trade?
8.   Immigration policies
9.   Conclusions and recommendations
10.   Recommendations
11.   References


1. This paper draws heavily on a paper presented to a trade training course of the British Department for International Development (DFID) in March 2002. The paper is based on a number of studies conducted by the author. The research has been condensed to provide an overview of this sector of trade. Details can be found in: Peberdy, 1999; 2000a; 2000b; 2000c; Peberdy & Rogerson, 2000; Peberdy & Crush, 1998, 2001. When the paper refers to research for this paper it is referring to these studies. The research was kindly funded by the Canadian International Development Agency and the International Development Research Centre.

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