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Seminar: 25 April 2002

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Partner Organisations

Southern African Regional Poverty Network (SARPN) is a conjunction of Southern African regional partners and agencies, hosted by the Human Sciences Research Council, that aims to facilitate debate in the region around poverty issues in a cross-sectoral way through
  • Strengthening existing and emerging links between policy actors, practitioners, applied researchers and civil society organisations concerned with poverty issues across Southern Africa;
  • To facilitating exchanges of information between institutions and individuals in Southern Africa on poverty issues;
  • To promoting discussion between these actors on pro-poor policy options in different country settings and within the region.
The Southern African Migration Project (SAMP) is a regional network of research and policy organizations committed to collaborative research, training, public education and policy development on migration issues, funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The SAMP project has four main components: applied migration research, policy advice and monitoring, migration training and public education. The overall objectives of the project are:
  • To facilitate and enhance regional cooperation in migration research, management and policy-making in Southern Africa
  • To generate sound and reliable information on migration dynamics, trends and impacts and to disseminate such information to decision-makers
  • To promote awareness of the role and contribution of migrants, immigrants and refugees to host societies
Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR) is a non-governmental, no-profit organization that aims to promotes awareness, protection and enforcement of legal and human rights through the creation of a human rights culture. The Refugee Rights Project is involved in various activities to protect the human rights of undocumented migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in South Africa including:
  • Legal counseling to refugees and asylum seekers
  • Research on refugee and immigration law
  • Monitoring of legislation and government policies
  • Training of government officials and legal practitioners

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