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Malawi Economic Justice Network - Position Paper on the status of PRSP and Civil Society involvement in Malawi

5. Drafting the final PRSP
It is reported that the final PRSP will be drafted by the Technical Committee alone. Civil society is not comfortable with such an arrangement as the Technical Committee, till now, does not have Civil Society representation.
Civil society has been asking for representation on the Technical committee for quite long. This was envisaged to be the forum where consensus can be proactively reached among the stakeholders. It was reported that Civil Society is informally accepted on the committee but until now has never been invited to any technical committee meeting. This raises concerns that issues that are considered crucial by Civil Society are not considered as such by the government. What more can be expected in the overall framework to be drawn less Civil Society representation - despite their mention in the discussions. Unless something is done to the composition of the drafting team, there will be serious implications and loss of commitment during implementation of the PRSP.
Civil society expected that just like the precedent that was set by the drafting of the PRSP Findings to Date document, the same would be the case with this extremely important document. The drafting team of the Findings to Date Document included Civil Society and parliament. This was a very welcome by all. MEJN therefore suggests that the drafting team of the PRSP should include 4 members from Civil Society (including MPs). MEJN believes that Donors can help us in this regard.

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