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Malawi Economic Justice Network - Position Paper on the status of PRSP and Civil Society involvement in Malawi

2. History of Civil Society supplementary PRSP group discussions
The idea of the Civil Society supplementary PRSP working group discussions came as a result of a meeting of MEJN Steering Group that was organised on 12th July 2001 at Lilongwe Hotel. This meeting was attended by 19 Civil Society organisations from a broad range of sectors1 . The meeting discussed, among other issues, the status of thematic working groups and the involvement of Civil Society to date in the working group discussions. The members present at the meeting noted that in a number of the thematic groups - and in the process in general - Civil Society has had little input but could have done better and that the sense of ownership of the process is generally low among Civil Society. The meeting therefore resolved to hold supplementary Civil Society PRSP meetings.
  1. Members present were from ECAMA, FODGE, Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace, Women's Voice, University of Malawi Students Union, Midea, AYISE, Teachers Union of Malawi, Malawi National Committee on Community Services, Oxfam, Centre for Social research, Nkhomano Centre for Development, Consumers Association of Malawi, Bunda College of Agriculture, Blantyre Newspapers, The Nation publications, Capital Radio, Gemini& Ranos News Agency, FM 101 Radio

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