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Malawi Economic Justice Network - Position Paper on the status of PRSP and Civil Society involvement in Malawi

3. Objectives of the meetings
The Civil Society PRSP discussions are aimed at achieving the following:
  1. To extend the feeling of ownership by sharing the contents with members of the Civil Society that did not have the chance to participate in the formal thematic group discussions.
  2. To suggest key improvements in the existing drafts.
The meeting decided to look at the following groups that were felt to have serious implication for poverty reduction but that did not have much civil society input. The groups are: Good governance, Decentralisation, Macro-economic Stability, Safety Nets, Taxation, Public Expenditure, Credit, HIV/AIDS, Gender and Empowerment, Infrastructure and Environment.
Members agreed that the output of these discussions should be made available to the chairs of the working groups and the Technical Committee for their consideration.

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