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Macroeconomics Thematic Group report

National Development Plan - Consensus building workshop

Civil Society for Poverty Reduction (CSPR)

6 September 2005

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The macroeconomics thematic group was chaired by Mr. Dale Mudenda (an economist/lecturer from the University of Zambia). Other members present were; Prof Seshamani from UNZA (economist/lecturer), Mr. Brian Manchishi (a student of Economics from UNZA, Mr. Edmond Kangamungazi (from EAZ), Mr. Vladmir (from Consumer Unit Trust), and Mr. Humphrey Mweete - the rappotuer for the group (from EAZ).

As a way of starting the discussion on the contents of the macroeconomics chapter for the Civil Society for Poverty Reduction proposed National Development Plan, the chairperson asked Mr. Kangamungazi to lead the Macro-economics proposed chapter to the group so as to familiarize group members with the content of the chapter.

After familiarize the group with the text, the group chair asked for reactions from the group members beginning from the situation analysis to recommendations, and priorities respectively.

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