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The role of Agricultural Information in Poverty Monitoring in Malawi
2. Objectives of Poverty Monitoring System

The PMS is intended to act as means of monitoring changes in the living standards of the people, especially those in poverty. The system is also supposed to capture groups that are moving out and into poverty as a way of assessing effectiveness of various policies and programmes. The information which the PMS generates and disseminates is supposed to guide implementing institutions in designing appropriate interventions for achieving the objectives of PAP by monitoring changes in the indicators that measure poverty over time.

The objectives of PMS can be summarized as follows:

  1. to collect and disseminate information on indicators of poverty over time at Community, district and national levels;

  2. to monitor impacts of policies on poverty

  3. to monitor the implementation and evaluation of projects targeted at groups in Poverty;

  4. to monitor administrative/management practices in policy implementation

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