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The role of Agricultural Information in Poverty Monitoring in Malawi
3. Information needs for Agricultural Development

The current and future agricultural data and information needs in Malawi are broad and at all levels of reporting system. Some of the information needs include the following:

  1. Sustainable agricultural production and environmental technologies

  2. Weather forecasts

  3. Input and output market prices and demand (domestic and international)

  4. Crop production estimates

  5. Animal population estimates

  6. Pest and disease updates

  7. Land surveys and land husbandry updates

  8. Irrigation development updates

  9. Gender balance in agriculture

  10. National food balance sheet

  11. Privatisation of government assets (ADMARC depots, etc)

  12. Agricultural credit updates

  13. Agricultural produce transportation

  14. Household food security and Vulnerability Assessment

  15. Nutrition monitoring

  16. Organisational development issues
The various levels where data and information requirements are greatest include the following:

  1. Smallholder farmers and estates/commercial

  2. Agricultural produce traders

  3. Village development committees

  4. Smallholder associations and cooperatives.

  5. Extension (field) assistants

  6. NG0s

  7. District assemblies

  8. National planners

  9. Policy makers

  10. Researchers

  11. Donors

  12. Private sector agribusiness companies and other institutions.

  13. Learning institutions dealing with agriculture.
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