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The Malawi Experience 2001-3

13. The Starter Pack & Targeted Inputs Story
  • Maize Productivity Task Force confirmed value of improved seeds & fertiliser for maize and triple value of legumes

  • Removal of subsidies and increase in poverty constrained access to improved inputs during 1990s and poor rains added to problems in 1996-8, with maize deficit.

  • Starter Packs introduced as “kick-start” in 1998/9 for all rural H/H (>2.8m)

  • Packs for 0.1ha contained 2kg hybrid maize seed, 10kg fertiliser, 1kg legume seed (total cost about $10). Programme initially ? entirely DFID-managed. Maize surplus!

  • 2.8m SP repeated in 1999/00 with move to contracting out services and supplies. Very healthy maize surplus!

  • National Safety Nets Strategy approved 9/2000 with inputs as one of four interventions with target of 350k h/H

  • 2000/1 at 1.5m and 2001/2 at 1m showed trend to NSNS figure, with introduction of OPV maize to move to replacement with other crops.

  • Targeting based on socio-economic registration using MG and TAs working with village TFs. Success of targeting limited initially by poor social structures

  • Evaluations continued to show 3:1 B/C ratio and demonstration of new methods.

  • Winter TIP introduced 2002 for 300k H/H with minor irrigation. $1.8m cost, produced maize on farm worth >$5m

  • 2002/3 TIP number increased to >2m as cost-effective, emergency recovery with associated multiplication programme for OPV maize and roots and tubers

  • 20003 TIP number will be negotiated following 2003 harvest

  • DFID main donor, but WB, EU, NORAD, RoC have provided support in particular years.

  • Logistics unit established by DFID to manage programme gradually being localised
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