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Save the Children

Nutrition Survey
Nyaminyami District,
(Kariba Rural)

Mashonaland West Province, Zimbabwe, July 2002

Report Date: 22 August 2002

Save the Children in Collaboration with the Nyaminyami Food and Nutrition Management Team


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Save the Children (UK) would like to thank the Ministry of Health provincial and district offices for approving and facilitating the secondment of the bulk of the staff for the fieldwork and providing the survey team with necessary support and information. Special mention goes to Mr W. Nyamayaro (Mashonaland West Provincial Medical Director) and Mr Mawushe (Kariba District Nursing Officer).

The collaboration and support exhibited by the Nyaminyami Rural District Council and the District Food and Nutrition Management Team who also participated in data collection was greatly appreciated. We could not have conducted the survey without their support.

Thanks are due also to the Department for International Development (DFID), which provided funds for implementation of the nutrition survey as part of the "Emergency Livelihood Support Programme".

Save the Children (UK) is thankful for the hard work and enthusiasm evidenced by the data collection teams who worked long hours under difficult conditions.

Finally, the community leaders, for their co-operation, and the households who participated in the survey receive grateful acknowledgement.

Participating Organisations/Institutions

Save the Children (UK)
Ministry of Health and Child Welfare
Nursing Department - Binga District
Environmental Health - Binga District
Nyaminyami Rural District Council
Ministry of Local Government and National Housing
Ministry of Education - Kariba District
Ministry of Youth Development, Gender and Employment Creation - Siakobvu

This survey report is published by Save the Children (UK).

SC (UK), in collaboration with partner organisations and with funding from DFID, has published a series of food security and livelihood assessment and nutrition survey reports over the last 12 months:
  • Binga Household Economy Assessment - June 2001
  • Kariba (Nyaminyami) Household Economy Assessment - July 2001
  • Chihwiti & Gambuli Informal Settlements (with FCTZ) - September 2001
  • Shackleton Mine Compound, Chinhoyi (with IPA) - November 2001
  • Ingozi Mine, Bulawayo (with IPA) - November 2001
  • Binga District Nutrition Survey - December 2001
  • Kariba (Nyaminyami) District Nutrition Survey - February 2002
  • The Livelihoods of Commercial Sex Workers in Binga - April 2002
  • Vulnerability in Zimbabwe, 2002-03 - May 2002
  • Binga District Nutrition Survey - May 2002
  • Binga District Household Economy Assessment - June 2002
  • Kariba (Nyaminyami) District HEA - June 2002
  • Mashonaland Communal, Resettlement, Commercial Farmworkers & Informal Mining Communities HEA - forthcoming August 2002
These reports are available from Save the Children UK, 10 Natal Road, Belgravia, or by e-mail from

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