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NEPAD and AU Last update: 2020-11-27  

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How NEPAD can engage with Poverty Reduction Strategies: Developing an appropriate framework

6. Recommendations
  1. There is need to assess debt sustainability and cancel un-payable illegitimate and odious debts, if the partnership in NEPAD is to foster development and reduce poverty in Africa. A transparent and fair debt arbitration system through the United Nations is most ideal. AFRODAD is working on this initiative.
  2. The unjust and unfair international system and rules need to be revisited, so as top make Africa a beneficiary of such. There is need for corrective changes to the international financial system if NEPAD is to tackle poverty.
  3. Current arrangements and procedures, especially TRIPS and subsidies for the Northern farmer need review if the partnership in NEPAD is genuine.
  4. Serious barriers on the access to the Northern countries' markets
  5. African governments and policy-makers need to get their domestic policies right especially on agriculture, trade, finance etc and not just seek to channel more resources to education and health and other social services.
  6. There is need to give higher priority to social investment if NEPAD is to work as one of the poverty reduction initiatives. The issue of reparations should be part of the deal if true partnership is to be seen in NEPAD and Africa is to have a fresh start.
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