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NEPAD and AU Last update: 2020-11-27  

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How NEPAD can engage with Poverty Reduction Strategies: Developing an appropriate framework

5. Trade

Seeking foreign private capital to develop social services and infrastructure in Africa is likely to subvert human rights of our people.
  • NEPAD fails to recognize that liberalization and open economy is forced upon Africa in the name of partnership. The 4th WTO Ministerial Conference at Doha is ample evidence to this.
  • NEPAD is leaning towards creating conditions for the North to worsen Africa's condition more than the structural adjustment programs (SAPs). Neo-liberalism seems to take center-stage in NEPAD- open economy, good governance, partial measures of debt relief, increased aid and conditionalities, and a promise for greater access to Northern markets.
  • NEPAD seem to forget that none of the SAPs implemented in African countries managed to have a good social fund proving adequate to fill the social gap. Thus, even in NEPAD inadequate attention to the social needs of the people still remains a thorn in the flesh for many African communities.
  • NEPAD risks the lives of African people, their access to basic essentials of life by its clamour for foreign investment especially FDIs.
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