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The National Lottery and the non-profit sector

2.1.8 Provincial—Regional bias of allocations
The fact that one of the criteria for the allocation of funds is the provincial distribution of ticket sales is often criticised, in that it reinforces existing inequalities between the wealthy and poor provinces. When this was discussed in the Social Development Portfolio Committee in October 2001, Ms Mamphi went so far as to suggest that she “could not believe that Parliament had passed legislation which perpetuates poverty.”78

As the figures below demonstrate, this is a valid concern. In the financial year ending March 31, the distribution was as follows (for full details, see Appendix A: Distributions to date).

No comparable figures exist for the period thereafter, although the Lotteries Board claim to have corrected some of these distortions in the allocations made during the 1 April 2001 to 31 March 2002 period. 79

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