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The National Lottery and the non-profit sector

In the second part of the report we focus on the perspectives of the various role players involved in or affected by the National Lottery. As stated above, the purpose is primarily to highlight issues of concern. In some cases, these issues are based on misunderstandings that can easily be corrected. In other cases, the concerns are more serious, and must urgently be addressed if the non-profit sector wishes to obtain maximum benefits from the Lottery.

2.1 Perceptions Of The Lotto: Civil Society, The Lotteries Board, Government

Social perceptions, whilst subjective and often difficult to quantify, are an important determinant of the success or failure of all government initiatives. Perceptions are especially important to the success of the National Lottery, especially in light of the huge public interest in both the gaming operations and the distribution of monies to good causes.

In order to unpack the views of stakeholders, a number of small, medium and large non-profit organisations in the charities, sporting and cultural sectors were consulted.45 This was supplemented with interviews with representatives of parliament, the Department of Trade and Industry, and the National Lotteries Board.

  1. In order not to prejudice any organization, reference to specific organizations is not made in this section.
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