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Background and Terms of Reference for the Consultancy on the Formulation of the National Poverty Reduction Strategy

4. Aims and objectives of the consultancy on the formulation of a National Poverty Strategy
The aims and objectives of the consultancy on the formulation of a national poverty strategy is to augment capacity with Government by:-
  1. undertaking in collaboration with the sectors and stakeholders affected, a comprehensive situational analysis of the problem, particularly with regard to policy gaps, and the strengths and weaknesses 'in the design and planning, 'lamentation and monitoring and evaluation of existing poverty-related programmes, including issues of co-ordination, institutional arrangements, stakeholder participation and constraints for individual self-reliance.
  2. develop effective instruments and policy framework for the design, implementation and monitoring of poverty-related interventions, including guidelines for managing such programmes.
  3. develop a plan encompassing not only the goals, programmes and projects for poverty reduction, but also and more specifically strategically designed objectives with time bound targets 'including how the various stakeholders will collaborate and how the entire plan implementation process is to be managed.
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