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Perspectives on Blair's Commission for Africa

May 2004

SARPN expects the unfolding work of the Commission for Africa to generate much debate over the next year, most of it hopefully within Africa. With this in mind, we have decided to launch this "page-within-a-page" to post a diversity of views on the work of the Commission for Africa. Please feel free to send us analyses (whether academic, popular or polemical). It should be sent to
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Partnership with Africa: Towards 2005, Hilary Benn
27 March 2004

Why Africa? By Bob Geldof
20 April 2004

WDM on UK Government's Commission for Africa
29 April 2004

Consultation with Nick Stern on CFA agenda
1 July 2004

Trevor Manuel's welcoming remarks at CFA seminar, Pretoria
2 July 2004

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