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Role of CSOs in monitoring Policies and Progress on MDGs

Elijah Wachira


27 June 2007

Paper presented at the SARPN policy dialogue: "It is almost half-time": Will the SADC Region Achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by the Target Date of 2015?
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How can civil society monitor progress Policies and MDGs?

  • Monitoring spans the entire policy cycle – from needs analysis through implementation to review
  • Monitoring implementation of PRSP represents the short and medium term results, with a focus on inputs and outputs
  • Monitoring progress on MDGs involves measuring outcomes and impact of the PRSP (and other interventions) – on a longer term basis
Civil Society can contribute through:

  • Engaging periodic progress reports e.g. Household Budget Surveys, Participatory Poverty Assessments, MDG Reports
  • Participation in conducting PPA
  • Preparation of MDG reports
  • Independent and credible policy research
  • Micro-level, non-policy oriented participatory research which presents issues from the point of view of poor people
    • offers policy makers insights that are relevant to policy formulation and implementation of poverty reduction policy
    • impossible to capture through research tools which pay less attention to micro-level social dynamics, context and holistic analysis of problems
  • public awareness of results to stimulate citizen interest in keeping track of progress and changes in addressing poverty

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