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Policy Dialogue: Globalisation and trade policy in South Africa
- Implications for development and poverty reduction -

Southern African Regional Poverty Network (SARPN) and the Institute for Global Dialogue (IGD)

23 May 2007

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SARPN and the Institute for Global Dialogue (IGD), are co-hosting a policy dialogue on Globalisation and Trade Policy in South Africa - Implications for Development and Poverty Reduction. The purpose of the Dialogue is to draw key policy recommendations on the linkages between trade, development and poverty and to secure the engagement of senior policymakers and other stakeholders with these messages.

The Dialogue will be based on the findings of two cases studies conducted under the auspices of the IGD;
  1. the impact of the tourism sector on trade, development and poverty in South Africa
  2. the impact of trade liberalization on the textile/clothing industry in South Africa.
A key outcome of the Dialogue will be the crystallisation of the developmental consequences to date of globalization and the liberalization of critical sectors such as the clothing and mining industries in South Africa. The Dialogue will seek to highlight the implications for the country's poverty reduction agenda and to explore possible policy responses.

The Dialogue is scheduled for Wednesday, 23rd May 2007. For more information, please email .

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