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Declaration of young delegates who attended the OVC pre-conference workshop on 30th June – 2nd July 2006 at Achterbergh Camp site, Krugersdorp

Department of Social Development

SARPN acknowledges the South African Department of Social Development as the source of this document.
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As a result of the deliberations during the workshop, the following issues were a highlight of concerns raised, and against this background an agreement was reached, whereby delegates committed to the following:

  • To raise community and family awareness regarding issues affecting OVC
  • To advocate for access to bursaries thereby enhancing career opportunities
  • To set good examples to other children
  • To promote sports and arts to be used as a tool to communicate with the youth
  • To promote youth talent
  • To motivate other orphans to improve their circumstances
  • To introduce youth clubs
  • To get tested for HIV/AIDS and ensure a healthy lifestyle
  • To seek relevant information on issues affecting the youth
  • To work hand in hand with police to maximise service delivery, i.e. child protection and prevention of crime
  • To encourage entrepreneurship as a means to job creation
  • To hold community dialogues to solicit children’s views
  • To establish support groups for orphans within their communities
  • To promote self awareness in order to minimize peer pressure
  • To associate ourselves with people who have good influence
  • To mobilize communities to support OVC
This is our call to government and other service providers:

  • To ensure that care-givers educate and motivate families affected by HIV/AIDS during their visits
  • To educate people and raise awareness to the fact that ARVs are a treatment and not a cure
  • To make information available in twelve official languages
  • To provide skills development programs for out-of-school youth
  • To educate teachers on issues of confidentiality especially regarding issues affecting OVC
  • To establish youth forums to advocate for young people’s needs
  • To make information available regarding services accessible to communities, e.g. Umsobomvu Youth Fund
  • The child care workers must monitor the administering of grants for children under 18 years of age - age restriction for grant applications must be lowered to 16 years
  • Government must treat the process of grant applications for OVC as a priority
  • Government must provide necessary support to community development projects
  • Government in partnership with relevant service providers must offer skills development programs for youth in conflict with the law
  • Job placements for youth with necessary skills/qualifications must be a priority for both the government and business sector
  • Government to impose stricter measures regarding bail applications
  • Government must provide houses and renovate old structures for OVC
  • Government must provide adequate training for care givers and sufficient remuneration
  • Government must introduce measures to protect estates for orphans
  • Government must provide free services such as rent, electricity, water, etc. to poor families
  • Children’s homes must extend age restriction for admission of children from 18 to 20 years of age
  • Government must educate and raise awareness around issues of criminal acts such as child trafficking
  • Social workers must pay unexpected visits to OVC foster homes
  • Civil servants, organizations and individuals working in the children’s sector must adopt the ‘Batho Pele’ approach to service delivery
  • Parents, teachers and child minders must be trained on first aid
  • The government must make information on foster care grants accessible and educate communities on what processes and procedures need to be followed to access them
  • Government must review age restrictions for children heading households to qualify for RDP houses from age 16
  • Government must have clear communication strategy to school principals regarding school fees exemption for OVC
  • Government must scrap the birth certificate application fee to enable poor families to apply for birth certificates without unnecessary delays
  • In cases whereby parents of a child were never married, government officials should not make the fathers ID a conditional requirement if his whereabouts are not known.

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