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FANRPAN Workshop:
National Agriculture Forum Proposal Launching

Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN)

29 June 2006

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SeminР±rio de LanР·amento da Proposta de FСѓrum Nacional de Agricultura - 14Kb < 1min (3 pages)

Workshop Report

On the 29th June 2006 by 9:00h at the VIP Hotel in Maputo began the workshop on the launching of the proposal of the National Agriculture Forum The workshopТ‘s main objective was to launch the Forum idea with tow components, FANRPAN and RUFORUM, and to strengthen the Mozambique FANRPAN node. The workshop was honored by the attendance of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture.

After the welcome remarks of the Dean of the Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry Engineering of the Eduardo Mondlane University, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Education of the same University opened the workshop.

By 10:00h the CEO of FANRPAN, Dr. Sibanda on her presentation informed that FANRPAN is actually active in 11 countries of SADC and has the objective of enhancing the capacity of policy formulation and analysis on food and agriculture development through research on agriculture issues

She informed too that FANRPAN Structure includes several National institutions, such as Government, Private Sector, Universities, and NGOs. At regional level it has a Secretariat that coordinates the research and linkes with international organizations. The research results are made available to the Ministerial fora.

FANRPAN National Node overview

At 10:30h Eng. Bruno gave an overview of the FANRPAN National Node which main objective is to enhance the formulation and analysis capacity on food, agriculture and natural resources at SADC level, and the mission is to provide an independent forum for coordinating, influencing and facilitating the research, analysis and dialog at national as well as at regional level, in order to guaranty a food secure SADC.

He informed too that the National Node Coordinator resigned after being appointed to the position of NEPADТ‘s CEO, and that despite the prominent role of the Civil Society, it has having a marginal participation on the policy formulation. The intent of the workshop is to find out a replacement of the Node Coordinator and to strengthen the Civil Society participation.

RUFORUM overview

At 10:45 Dr. Ana Mondjana briefed on the RUFORUM. She said that this forum aims to strengthen the Agronomy Faculty capacity by supporting the research and the graduate studentsТ‘ training on rural development issues.

FANRPAN, SPAN e ODI collaboration on the Civil Society organization at regional level

By 11:00h Dr Fred spoke on Civil Society acting separately with FANRPAN on food security, poverty and policy weakness, with research funded by the government.

National Agriculture Forum proposal

Eng Bruno at 11:30 emphasized on the launching of the proposal of joining FANRPAN and RUFORUM under the same umbrella, the National Agriculture Forum, and the appointment of the new FANRPAN Node Coordinator. This Forum will have representatives of the Faculties of Agronomy, of Livestock, of the National Institute of Agriculture Research, NGOТ‘s, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Science and Technology and the Confederation of Trade Associations.


Several proposals were raised during the group discussions, related to both the proposed chart and terms of reference

After appreciation of the proposals, the plenary emphasized the definition of the vision, the mission and the objectives as the departing step towards a better definition of the following steps, including the improvement of the chart and related terms of reference.

It was recommended the National Agriculture Forum to base on the existing structures to build the platform to win synergies, as many other fora do. As an example, it was referred that several stakeholders have their own specific fora and representatives in the several counterparts at regional levels. The National Agriculture Forum should use this experience to desig its structure.

Finally, the team that prepared the proposal received the mandate to integrate the workshop contributions and to submit the improved proposal on the next workshop, foreseen to August. In the meantime information will be shared among the stakeholders in order to get convergence of ideas.

- Maputo, the 29th June 2006
  Eduardo Mondlane University, Faculty of Agronomy and Forestry Engineering

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