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Seed aid for seed security:
Advice for practitioners

International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Catholic Relief Services (CRS), USAID, Care

Contact: Louise Sperling (), CIAT and Tom Remington (), CRS for more information.

SARPN acknowledges CIAT website as the source of this document.
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Seed aid for seed security: Advice for practitioners Seed aid needs to be improved. Case studies show seed-based agricultural recovery is more complex than commonly assumed. These Briefs offer advice on how to sustain and strengthen seed systems during disaster response and recovery periods. Up-to-date technical information addresses issues such as introducing new varieties, protecting agrobiodiversity, and exploiting market opportunities during periods of acute and chronic stress. Specific aid-response tools are also offered, including methods for assessing seed system security, guidelines for learning-focused evaluations, and checklists to ensure quality in seed-aid proposal development. The briefs were prepared by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and Catholic Relief Services (CRS), with CARE®–Norway (CN).

Ten Practice Briefs:

  1. Who are we and what do we do? - 445Kb ~ 2 min (2 pages)
  2. Overview of seed systems under stress project: Case Studies - 489Kb ~ 3 min (4 pages)
  3. Understanding seed security - 491Kb ~ 3 min (4 pages)
  4. Agrobiodiversity and seed relief - 481Kb ~ 3 min (4 pages)
  5. Using seed aid to give farmers access to seed of new varieties - 479Kb ~ 3 min (4 pages)
  6. Understanding seed systems used by small farmers in Africa: Focus on markets - 492Kb ~ 3 min (4 pages)
  7. Assessing seed system security - 500Kb ~ 3 min (8 pages)
  8. Seed relief responses: an Overview - 355Kb ~ 2 min (6 pages)
  9. The power of evaluation - 461Kb ~ 3 min (4 pages)
  10. Developing a seed-aid proposal: A Rapid Review Checklist for Practitioners - 462Kb ~ 3 min (6 pages)

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