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NEWSLETTER No 6, July 2002

The WSSD and Poverty: From Bali to Johannesburg

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SARPN is a project of the Integrated Rural and Regional Development programme of the Human Sciences Research Council, based in Pretoria, South Africa. It is presently funded by DFID (SA). SARPN’s core objectives are to:
  • stimulate public debate on poverty issues across Southern Africa, particularly by linking up different sectoral perspectives on poverty issues
  • to work towards better analysis and understanding of poverty, its social and economic context, and of options for its reduction
  • to distribute readily accessible information, research results and opinion on the multi-faceted dimensions of poverty to the widest range of actors and individuals across Southern Africa.
Our website contains a growing range of material on poverty issues across Southern Africa. Much of this material is generated by organisations active in different countries in Southern Africa: SARPN is prepared to host such analysis and opinion on our website. Material can be sent to:

Table of Contents
1.   Overview
2.   The SA Government and the WSSD
       The International Governance System
       Empowering Communities
       Issues Raised in Discussion at the Public Debate on the WSSD
3.   The SADC Prepares for the WSSD
       SADC Key Priorities for WSSD
4.   From Bali to Johannesburg
       The Implementation Plan
       Summary Of Unresolved Issues In The Draft Implementation Plan
5.   Evaluating PrepCom 4

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