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Southern African Regional Poverty Network (SARPN) Oxfam (GB)

SARPN and Oxfam (GB) Roundtable Discussion on Poverty, HIV/AIDS and Inequality in Southern Africa

Date: Monday 23rd January 2006

Pretoria, Gauteng

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Seminar Report1


Oxfam GB and SARPN both have a public commitment to address issues of poverty. The additional focus on inequality and HIV/AIDS is because the latter two issues are integral to poverty. Oxfam GB, in particular, has been working in development for a number of decades focusing on issues such as sustainable livelihoods and gender-based violence and over time, incorporated HIV/AIDS to the extent of re-designing its programmes. However, effecting change within the development sector and at an influential level requires inter alia, strategic partnerships and concerted evidence based advocacy strategies. For this reason, the Southern Africa Regional Poverty Network (SARPN) and Oxfam GB joined forces to begin a process for in-depth discussion of these issues. The overarching goal of the seminar was to strengthen their current partnership and to initiate future partners. The seminar thus, brought together high-level researchers, policy makers and stakeholders in the area of poverty, development and HIV/AIDS targeting in particular heads of organizations and foreign representatives.

The following objectives informed the presentations and the discussions:

  • Provide participants with a solid understanding of issues relating to poverty, HIV and inequality in South Africa and in the region
  • Discuss and challenge experiences and issues in depth to gain a deeper understanding
  • Identify key issues and opportunities for tackling poverty, HIV/AIDS and inequality
  • Provide Oxfam GB Senior Management Team members an analysis and overview of poverty issues in South Africa with a focus on inequality and HIV/AIDS.
The structure of meeting was participatory and for this reason presentations were not only informative but also provocative. This report is an overview of all presentations and discussions. It is structured around the various themes that emerged throughout the day.

  1. Report written by Mary Cesar

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