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Migration and development in southern Africa: Migration Dialogue for Southern Africa (MIDSA)

Migration Dialogue for Southern Africa (MIDSA)

17-19 March 2004

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Opening Session

Mr. Vincent Williams, Project Manager, SAMP.
Mr. Williams welcomed participants and expressed his gratitude to the Government of the Republic of Tanzania for agreeing to host this seminal MIDSA workshop on the nexus between migration and development. He left the participants with the question: Does migration contribute to development, or does it inhibit development and indicated his hope that this workshop would provide some answers.

Mr. Hans-Petter Boe, Regional Representative, IOM.
Mr. Boe welcomed participants, and also thanked the host Government for its endorsement of the MIDSA process by supporting this Workshop. He suggested that because migration is increasingly circular and temporary that policy-makers in both developing and developed countries would need to adjust migration policies to effectively manage these changing patterns. He concluded by adding that he hoped this workshop on migration and development would contribute to this end.

Hon. B.A. Mahiza, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, Tanzania.
Mr. Mahiza made a presentation on behalf of the Minister of Home Affairs in which he expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to open the workshop in Zanzibar. Karibuni sana. Southern Africa is experiencing the phenomenon of migration – movement of capital, people, services, and goods in record time. These developments provide opportunities, but also create challenges of trafficking, smuggling, and terrorism among others. Tanzania is in the process of reviewing its migration policy in order to maximise benefits and minimise detriments of this reality, but stressed the need for regional cooperation. He hoped that this MIDSA workshop would be a step in this process. With these words, Mr. Mahiza declared the MIDSA Workshop open.

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