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The UNAIDS Directory: UN Regional Responses to HIV/AIDS in Eastern and Southern Africa




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About This Directory

A key mandate of the UNAIDS Regional Support Team for Eastern and Southern Africa is to coordinate the response of the United Nations to the pandemic. The UNAIDS Directory of UN Regional Responses to HIV/AIDS in Eastern and Southern Africa presents succinct information on the regional work of UN entities which provide technical assistance or other services on HIV/AIDS in the region. It was developed to make it easier for those who require support with their HIV/AIDS-related strategies and activities to identify and directly contact the appropriate advisors within the UN system.

Overview of UN Organisations in Eastern and Southern Africa

The overview provides information at a glance on who the respective HIV/AIDS focal points or heads of office in particular UN offices are. The chart lists
  • Name of the UN entity involved with HIV/AIDS-related programming in alphabetic order
  • Geographic title of the respective offices
  • Names of the heads of these offices
  • Names and contact details of the HIV/AIDS focal points
  • Key areas of their HIV/AIDS-related work
Main Part of the Directory

The main part of the Directory comprises entries for each UN entity in alphabetic order and provides all relevant details on UN agencies with regard to their HIV/AIDS-related work in the region
  • HIV/AIDS-related mission of each UN agency
  • Regional offices covering eastern and southern Africa
  • Complete geographic coverage of the offices
  • Key roles of the regional offices
  • Names and contact details of the Heads of Offices and all HIV/AIDS advisors
  • Reference documents and websites

Database of UN HIV/AIDS Advisor of Eastern and Southern Africa

The 2005 edition of the Directory contains a new appendix with selected content from the new UN HIV/AIDS Advisor Database of Eastern and Southern Africa, which is published concurrently on and CD-ROM. The appendix provides the most important details of each HIV/AIDS advisor working on a regional level within the respective UN entity
  • Name and designation of the HIV/AIDS advisor
  • UN entity and subunit
  • Telephone number and email address
The comprehensive online database also includes information on the advisors' key programme areas, full contact details and preferred language.

The UNAIDS Directory of UN Regional Responses to HIV/AIDS in Eastern and Southern Africa and the UN HIV/AIDS Advisor Database are published in conjunction with the Directory of HIV/AIDS Resource Institutions in Eastern and Southern Africa. All documents are available in hardcopy and CD-ROM from our offices in Johannesburg. Please contact Bruce Waring at who also welcomes comments or suggestions for improvement.

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