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SARPN seminar

Ghana's implementation of the APRM: Lessons learnt

5 September 2005


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The African Peer Review Mechanism has the objective of fostering policies, standards and practices leading to political stability, high economic growth and sustainable development and accelerated sub-regional and continental economic integration. The APRM is seen as having established a new sentiment in the areas of governance, transparency and accountability among African governments, accelerating progress towards the adoption and implementation. Ghana, (alongside Rwanda), has been the first country to operationalise the APRM. The pace of implementation, together with innovating institutional arrangements operationalised by the country's leadership have been received as indications of the country's commitment to the APRM and to good governance. These innovations have included the creation of an independent National Governing Council which was closely involved in the APRM Country Review Mission. The completion of the Mission in April this year, meant that Ghana was the first country to have achieved this landmark.

With several other countries having acceded to the APRM and now in line for country reviews, including South Africa and Mozambique in Southern Africa, SARPN is hosting a seminar.

"Ghana's Implementation of the APRM: Lessons Learnt"

Speaker: Professor SKB Asante (Member of Ghana's National APRM Governing Council)
Date: Monday 5 September 2005, Pretoria

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