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Civil society advocacy taskforce on land and natural resources:
final submissions to the Special Law Commission on Land Related Legislation

March 2005

Civil Society Advocacy Taskforce on Land and Natural Resources

Posted with permission of Robert Kafakoma.
Further details on the Civil Society Advocacy Taskforce on Land and Natural Resources can be obtained from:
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Introduction and background

The Civil Society Advocacy Taskforce on Land and Natural Resources (the Taskforce) is a network of civil society organizations that are interested and concerned with land and natural resources issues. In particular, the Taskforce was created to provide a forum and space for civil society involvement in the implementation of the Malawi National Land Policy (MNLP) and the formulation of land related legislation. In this respect the Taskforce has undertaken a number of activities to solicit views from civil society, local communities and local government authorities on the content of the new land law currently being formulated. The Taskforce also commissioned a review of land related legislation, which acted as an issues paper and provided guidance during stakeholder consultations.

The stakeholder consultations involved organizing civil society workshops, community meetings and feedback meetings at Assembly level to take stock of community concerns and validate recommendations and priorities. The Taskforce also made preliminary presentations to the Special Law Commission on Land that is considering new land legislation. The Special Law Commission made some observations on the Taskforce findings. These were further analysed and investigated by the Taskforce. The recommendations, observations and proposals from these meetings have now been refined and we present below a summary of these findings. We have also presented key elements for drafting the new land law

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