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Zambia Land Alliance

The role of the lands tribunal in handling land disputes in general and traditional land in particular

Henry Machina

Zambia Land Alliance

15 April 2005

Posted with permission of Henry Machina, coordinator of the Zambia Land Alliance.
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The Zambia Land Alliance (ZLA) is a network of civil society organisations working with rural and urban poor communities in promoting their land rights. The alliance was formed in 1997 and has since then been working with communities because the organisation is convinced that land is a key resource for poor people's livelihoods. Land is a source of food security, business ventures, and a source of identity for many people in Zambia. As such, the Land Alliance has been working through its member organisations countrywide with a motto 'Land is Life'.

ZLA would like to thank the Committee on Agriculture and Lands of the National Assembly for recognising us as one of the key stakeholders in land in general and in traditional land in particular, through the Committee's invitation to submit this memorandum.

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